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  • From mobile
  • Aug 17
  • #902417

Optumrx is terrible. They charged me double the amount they were supposed. I have called back five times in the last nine days. Everytime I'm promised that the money will be refunded into my account. It has been three times now that they have refunded the $95 but have charged me $95 again the next day. I'm canceling my order and will never order from optumrx again.

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All of a sudden after visiting rheumatologist Katy Setoodeh I began receiving bills from OptumRx for meds that were not ordered or approved by me. I NEVER before had any contact with OptumRx. The rheumatologist had been trying to force Forteo on me and had called a "pharmacy" in Burbank I never heard of. The "pharmacy" (for all I know it is a call center) called and said it would be so easy --- they would mail it to me. After that another... Read more

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Every prescription or refill turned into a fiasco of biblical proportions. I can't stand it. I have to make multiple phone calls and my doctor is expected to make multiple phone calls (and get put on hold for 15 minutes or more) because these people can't get their act together. I've gone weeks without my medications. They always blame the doctor. You can never speak to an actual employee of OptumRx. Every call is filtered through a call center.... Read more

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Insufficient information: when I signed up for this mail order program, I assumed, erroneously evidently, that you would ask for the information you needed to complete my orders. You failed to ask for a method of payment. Then you held up my order. At this time, I am out of a critical medication and won't be here for another two days!! So why didn't you ask for a method of payment when I registered for this program? You didn't even ask me... Read more

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My Dr. lowered my dosage of meds for my kidney transplant. I was told it was not on my plan to purchase meds locally. My Dr. wanted me to take the new dose that evening. I was told I could do it. I paid for a refill for another med and paid for the new RX. The local pharmacy called me and told me I needed to call and request the new meds. I had done that. I even paid for them. The rep told me the pharmacy could call them, and they would... Read more

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They sent me a refund check for my deceased wife's medications from their overcharges for 2015. As her name was on the check and I had closed the joint account months previously and was using a checking account in my name only as the bank insisted, I needed Optum to re-issue the check in my name only. Contact # 1: "We will send out a new check within 48 hr. Looks good! But wait! Contact # 2: 10 days later: Oops somebody didn't do it I will... Read more

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Took forever. Shorted me 60 pills on a 90-day prescription. Overcharged me. Would only credit my account, not my credit card. Didn't apply the credit to my next order as requested. Said they were overnighting a package, but it wasn't done. Told me that a certain pill (Menest) was out of stock and kept me waiting nearly two months but, when I phoned the manufacturer, I was told there was no shortage! Every customer service rep tells you... Read more

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My experiences with OptumRX over the course of several years would indicate that their abysmal customer service is actually worse and declining rapidly. The latest? My ophthalmologist sent a 90-day prescription directly to my insurance company's "preferred" mail order prescription service on 7/18. I received an email on 7/21 stating I needed to contact Optum RX before my order could be filled. I called OptumRX on 7/22 responding to the email and... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 29
  • #890834

Absolutely ridiculous and beyond incompetent people. Way too many experiences with the company to post. To say the least they repeatedly charge my card when I ask them not to keep it on file. I don't think they operate on a single brain cell between the whole bunch of idiots that work there!

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 25
  • #888536

Not one single rep. will ever tell you the right answers nor will you ever be able to fill most common cns meds without having to spend endless weeks,days & dozens of hours with your pharmacy, Doctor and Optum/catamaran.

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