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I'm on my wife's plan since I am retired. To save a few bucks, Oxford emails me that their prescription medicine delivery service will save a lot of money. I changed from what was working really well, CVS mail delivery to OptumRX. What a mistake!!! When you log in, a screen pops up listing a few of the medications and advises switch to their service and save money. I switched. Now, I have 11 medications on order. So far, they have lost or... Read more

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OptumRX filled a prescription that was not authorized, charged my account, and then LIED about contacting me for the refill. They charged my credit card fraudulently. Now in order to get my money back, I have to jump through hoops to send their SH** back to them. There is no way to remove my credit card information from my account, so I called them, had to ask for a supervisor, twice, and demanded that they remove my billing information from... Read more

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well i've just changed my mind about optum rx!!!!! i was going to sign up with them until I read the reviews!!!!! actually I was a little leary because of their connection with SYMPHONIX!!!!! symphonix being the WORST insurance company i have ever dealt with. EVERY SINGLE MONTH i would get to my pharmacy only to be told that they were not accepting a certain medication!I called them, spoke for 1/2 hr. on my CELLPHONE! THEN the pharmacist talked... Read more

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I had two rx billed to an old account even though I had given them the new correct information, I contacted the company and was assured they would correct. I monitored my account and they charged a second rx to the same account. This thru this account into a negative balance as it is used for something else entirely. I called back and sent an e mail. They stated a refund was issued four days after my complaint. I ASK THEM TO TRACK IT. Here... Read more

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Everything you read on these complaints is true! People on the phone told me my order had shipped when it had not! I was told they would expedite the shipping overnite with no cost to me, lies! I was short medication while waiting for them to ship my order, they did not send it over nite because it would cost them $12!! I don't know what the problem is with this company but they are totally unacceptable! You get consistently conflicting... Read more

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I had an agent take my personal email and email me *** material. I know it was him, because his name came up in the sender field. Very poor taste. His name was Cannon and he was based in Colorado. Very unprofessional and broke several hippa rules. When calling in to have someone take advantage of someone's email and take it upon themselves to send material that is not appropriate. I really hope that the company will take action so that this does... Read more

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It's going to take more than 100 words to describe my issues w/Optumrx!!! I'll tell you this, I have NEVER had so many problems trying to get my prescription filled through mail order as I have w/Optum! They are incompetent, they do not reach out to patients if there is a problem/question. Every single time I have called, I get different answers. I was transferred from one person to the next. Was promised a certain medication w/a specific... Read more

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My issues this time began with a lost shipment. I called optum when there had not been any changes in status of order for 4 days. They blamed post office. Said they could not recend order until 10 days past. Called usps and was told until activity shows change they cannot do anything. Pkg is lost. Duh? Optum said to go to local pharmacy to get 10 day emergency supply which they wanted to charge me $13 for something which was not my fault. Every... Read more

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Optumrx is terrible. They charged me double the amount they were supposed. I have called back five times in the last nine days. Everytime I'm promised that the money will be refunded into my account. It has been three times now that they have refunded the $95 but have charged me $95 again the next day. I'm canceling my order and will never order from optumrx again.

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All of a sudden after visiting rheumatologist Katy Setoodeh I began receiving bills from OptumRx for meds that were not ordered or approved by me. I NEVER before had any contact with OptumRx. The rheumatologist had been trying to force Forteo on me and had called a "pharmacy" in Burbank I never heard of. The "pharmacy" (for all I know it is a call center) called and said it would be so easy --- they would mail it to me. After that another... Read more

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