OptumRX sends my prescription in amounts that will last me 3 months. Every time I have to refill it, there are issues.

For about a week and a half now, I've received a call almost every single day with yet ANOTHER issue. Like I said, this happens every time I go to refill, but regarding these past couple of weeks here is the story:

My prescription was discontinued. After they had confirmed my refill, they called the next day to tell me that it was discontinued and that I needed to switch my prescription. Irritating because why/how could you confirm my refill if it was discontinued?

The lady I spoke with said that I needed a referral from my doctor in order to do so, which is always inconvenient. Anyway, I got the referral sent to OptumRX only to receive a call saying that I needed to call "immediately for assistance with my prescription". I called back for the OptumRX employee to tell me that my prescription had been shipped. Either the next day or two days later, I received the same call, word for word.

I called them to see what the issue could possibly be at this point and I was told that the new prescription I had ordered (also the same one I was just told was shipped) was not covered under my plan and in order to receive this new medication, I would have to pay almost $300. I ended up switching to another prescription that was covered under my plan. I asked the lady why did I receive a call saying it was shipped if it was never shipped and she replied with "I don't know". She said that I was now set as long as my doctor sent in the OK.

I called OptumRX yesterday to check the status of my prescription only to hear the automated system say that a prescription that is not even mine is being processed....the one that is $300. I ended up speaking to a representative who could not give me ANY information on my prescription, adding that "it wasn't in the system". Then at the end of the phone call he says that they've been trying to contact my doctor with no answer. Funny because when I called my doctor today she said they haven't received not one attempt of contact from OptumRX.

I finally got the prescription referral business figured out with my doctor/nurse only for them to tell me that now OptumRX is saying my prescription is "undeliverable". Now, I am inconvenienced because I will be off my birth control pills and will have to go to my doctor's office, pick up the referral and MAIL it to OptumRX so that they can FINALLY send my prescription out....the one I ordered about two weeks ago at this point.

I am FURIOUS and will undoubtedly be looking for a new company. It is always SOMETHING and I am fed up!

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Why do you feel like you have to use mail order? If you are on Medicare, nothing is requiring you to use their service.

You should feel like at gribble person to yell at someone who has noting to do with your issues. How would you like to be talked to like hat 100 times a day?

You are a Very rude and insensitive person. You can go to Walgreens and get your medication the same day but you will probably have something to complain about them to.

I have been dealing with Optum Rx since I became Medicare Eligible in SEP 2013 and my Medigap Policy for prescription drugs offers 90 days prescriptions.
I have never had a single prescription filled, refilled, whatever, without there being an issue with them. 100% hit rate.

I am totally fed up with them. Each time I get an automated call to call them I lambast the poor customer service rep who is totally helpless.
I plan on complaining to the insurance company about them :(

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