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These two drugs have exactly the same chemical formulation but made it is made by different companies. X is a brand drug costing me at least 400 dollars a month as a tier 3 drug. X2 came out about six months ago and should have been listed as a generic which it is (20 year run out on the patent)...but Optum RX listed it as a tier 4 drug because it might not be affective. But the ingredients are the same for X and X2!!!!! It should have been listed as a generic drug at tier 2 which is much less expensive. For Premera X2 is a tier 2 generic drug costing $12 dollars copay!!!!!

Be careful Optum RX manipulates Tiers to their financial benefit.

Shocked!!!! Brazen!!!!

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exactly the same problem (bait and switch) taking certain medication for 10 years, it is on OptmumRX formulary but requires PA prior approval so when DR. submits request it is denied immediately and OptmumRX wants you to take a drug of their choice which is a higher tier drug costing 4 times the cost of the drug I've been taking for 10 years BAD COMPANY tries to force people to take medication costing much more, denies Dr. requests, denies appeal, deny deny deny deny

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