Submitted all documentation, new RX's for my meds, overnited to them so I can receive on time, paid 20.00 for overnite and also paid 12.50 for them to overnite to me. My meds have sat in processing stage for 5 days, still not sent to me, numerous phone calls, oh we dont have your scripts, although on website I can see they do, then oh your meds will ship out today, still no meds, now I am out of meds and meds are still sitting in processing stage!

How the heck long does it take to refill and fill a script? Everytime its always a problem with this so called pharmacy. They send requests for refills to wrong doctors, prices always change. One rep told me I don't think you realize how busy we are here and what the process is, when we say overnite that doesn't mean overnite, but you pay for overnite shipping!

How does this work? I am paying for overnite but they don't have to ship them out overnite to me? Really? They take the money for overnite.

Was told meds can sit in processing for 2 days, well my meds have sat in processing for 5 days! Have spoke to United Healthcare numerous times about their mailorder pharm they make us use but nothing happens. Ins co even called Optum for me and was told my meds would ship out 8-24 and I would receive 8-25, well as of today 8-25, meds still in processing stage. This co is a joke and if you complain, they hold your meds, No Joke, they do, if you complain - they retaliate against you!

My advice to anyone that hasUnited Healthcare, Please do NOT use their mail order Pharm Optumrx, you will forever be stressed, you wont get your meds, you will be charged a higher price than if you get at a local pharm, go to a local Pharm. I am using this forum to get as many people as I can to Get to Unitd Healthcare to STOP using this company, Stop using OPTUMRX, there are many other mailorder pharm 100 times better.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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United Health care states that I cannot OPT-Out of mail order; it's mandatory! Anyone know any ways to get around this?

This company has no good reviews. Just complaints!

to Anonymous #1025142

I have United Healthcare and Have Never been told OPTUMRX is Mandatory, it is supposed to be a convenience so we don't have to run to local pharmacy. You can get 3 month supply of meds from local pharmacies.

I refuse to use OPTUMRX anymore due to their Lack of Ethics, Lack of Brains, Poor Customer Service & they charge more than local pharmacies.

OPTUMRX is Not to Be Trusted. If you have had an experience with OPTUMRX, call your ins co again and demand to speak to someone else, mailorder is NOT Mandatory.

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