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I 100% agree. I have chronicled, on paper, over 20 phone calls (over 9 total hours on the phone) to OptumRx from mid-July through September 5, 2017.

The Phone Reps usually have no clue what they are doing, give out incorrect information, claim paperwork is lost or never received. The web site is horrible, does not provide all pricing information, is difficult to navigate (and I am very computer savvy). It is NOT user-friendly nor does it reflect accurate data. Reps repeatedly told me - "call back tomorrow when the system updates your information".

Day after day. I finally put my foot down and told them that was not acceptable. Only two out of of the 20 people I spoke with honestly tried to help me. Still, they could not resolve my issues.

1) Coordination of Benefits. If you have more than one insurance, they cannot deal with that. I filled out their forms, took photocopies front and back of both insurance cards, mailed them off and then spent another 30 days trying to get all the information straightened out over the phone. I was told so many different things such as: you can't have two insurance companies, you have to call someone else, we can't combine insurances.

All bogus. Then came the actual prescriptions. If you request Prior Authorization for a drug via their online service - forgeddaboutit. Even with a Confirmation number nothing shows up when you try to check the status.

You call the Doctor's office. They got it, they sent info back to OptumRX - but Optum declines the request even if the Doctor says the drug is medically necessary. Twice! They try to shove you off onto cheaper drugs (that didn't work for me in the past).

I really cannot say anything good about OptumRx. Their people are clueless, their drug formulary very restrictive and incomplete. I mean - I pay TWO insurance premiums and my only option is this crappy company.

I pay for this??? If you have a choice to use another company for your prescription drugs - DO.

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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