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I am horrified by the treatment of my important medical information and vital medications by OptumRx. I can't believe a company would be so loose and sloppy with something as important as people's prescription medications. They should not be in business with practices like this.

August 7

I was cold called on August 7 by OptumRx . The rep recited the meds I take, what I was paying my current pharmacy for my meds and how much i could save with their program. I was uncomfortable because they were calling me with very personal information like my meds - and it seems unfair to pharmacies for them to have current payment info - but they made it sound really easy and like something I wouldn't have to think about and it was great savings. She went on and on about the 'not have to think about it' thing. I signed up and gave my credit card information. I asked the rep when the first shipment would arrive and we decided I should go ahead and do one more fill at my current pharmacy, since I needed them one week out and it might take 10+ days for meds to arrive from them. I hung up the phone with the assumption that I was signed up for the auto ship program for every 3 months.

Late August

I received 3 voicemails a few weeks later saying there was an issue with my order. I called back and was told the issue had been resolved - there was no issue. The rep didn't know why i was called. So I expected my meds in the mail any day.

Monday, Sept 21

My meds did not arrive. One of my meds was set to run out again. I called on Monday, Sept 21 to see what the hold up was. The rep said there WAS a hold on my account. That I needed to pay - that they didn't have payment info. This was frustrating and scary since I had given the first rep my working credit card information and had already called back once and been told there was no problem. I gave her my credit card info and it went through. She was apologetic and said they would overnight my meds, free of charge, and that they would arrive by WEDNESDAY. My payment went through to amex for $57. I asked how it would work from here on out - if my credit card would be charged automatically for the next 3 months. She said I wasn't on the auto ship program (like I'd been sold on the first call) and that our insurance plan was not eligible for it.

Tuesday, Sept 22

I'm expecting my meds the next day. But I got a voicemail from OptumRx Tuesday afternoon saying there was an issue.

Wednesday, Sept 23

I called back and the rep said they had not shipped, that there was a hold on my med order, and that I needed to pay the copay of $57. I told him I'd paid. I looked up my amex again and told him the charge had gone through for $57 on Monday, Sept 21. I asked him why my meds had not been overnighted like they were supposed to be. He said verbatim "I do not understand the reason for the hold." I was not given an answer as to why there was an issue.

I asked him to cancel my account, my order and everything associated with their company. He said he canceled everything but couldn't give me a reference number - that I should check with Amex to see if the refund came through. He refused to give me any sort of confirmation number.

A few hours later I receive an email that my order has shipped, as well as a robo call that there's a problem with my order. I call back to see why my supposedly canceled order was shipped after I canceled it, and the rep can't provide me any information. She says I have to wait to receive my unwanted order in the mail and call them at that point to receive a return envelope - and then they'll issue my refund. I ask her to go ahead and send me the return envelope - and she says she won't because "sometimes the meds don't arrive in the mail."

This is a horrible nightmare and I just want it to end. This company should not be entrusted with people's medical information or their medications.

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: most of the above.

Monetary Loss: $57.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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