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Yesterday/today ongoing issue of my childs meds he has taken for years.

Optumrx want's the small to medium sized family run, multi generational run Pharmacy we use to take a $180.00 loss to refill my child's medication. My copay less than $10 bucks, cost to pharmacy at cost to fill approx $190. Optumrx Ins. payment to pharmacy, less than $4 bucks!

I asked them to fight them, doubt Optumrx will pay them.

Our OptumRX claims account online shows the pharmacy was paid full the amount. My pharmacy ACQ, Copay, Ins, print out says this is absolutely, positively not true!!

OptumRx has so many secret websites, only consumer websites, secret price websites, not linked with each other websites, etc..etc.. talking to them, dealing with them is being in a movie ( The Rainmaker movie ring a bell?)

Optumrx customer rep tells me I am not allowing her to explain. Says that the pharmacy I use is allowed to fill it and my copay is the same.

I say that my pharmacy should not have to take the loss to fill it.

Over and over & over again she keeps trying to blame the pharmacy.

Said things like... I have never heard of a pharmacy not filling for this reason, blah blah... Yeah..because Optumrx has only in the last month fulfilling the promise of not paying if pharmacies do not use Optumrx distributors and kowtow to their ridiculous demands. I am so sick of reps repeating the same ridiculous explanations, they are like robots. Maybe they are, talking bots who just dehumanize, condescend, pause, repeat.

Hey OptumRX.. the public is on to what you are doing. Trying to put these ethical, human, feeling, brick and mortar pharmacies out of business. Forcing them to go out of business. The pharmacies and employees don't have to tell us, we, as consumers know..we research, we talk to coworkers, we know what you are doing. All the doublespeak and blaming it on the owners of small to moderate pharmacies is a load of Bullshit ,

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