I just started using OptumRx because they are the pharmacy linked to my insurance plan and the experience has been unbelievable!!! My doctor's office called in a prescription. After a week of not hearing or receiving anything from them I call to follow up and am told that my doctor submitted the wrong DOB and address so they cancelled the prescription! They didn't bother to notify the doctor or me - the patient.

They tell me that my doctor's office has to re-send the prescription. If they call it in it'll be faster (although it'll still take 7 business days to get the meds to me). My doctor's office calls it and faxes it in. I call the next day, Optum tells me it has not received any new information so the prescription is still pending.

I again communicate with my doctor's office and they in turn call Optum again. Optum says they can't find me in their system (meanwhile they found me the first the prescription was sent in and every time I spoke with them). Then they find me but tell the doctor's office that they are not a compound pharmacy! That's the first thing the doctor's office had asked and was assured that they do!

So two weeks later I still don't have my prescription!!!!!

How are companies like this allowed to stay in business?

I will be filing a complaint against them wherever I can and anyone else who's had problems with them should do the same.

This is disgusting - especially considering how much one pays for this!

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I am waiting for UPS to show up with meds that I cannot miss a dose of. We were dealing with a specialty pharmacy outside of New Orleans called TLC that are/were fantastic.

Not one single problem with them ever. Then United transferred us to Optum for the duration of the Treatment.

They are like a black hole of information. You send them correspondence and you don't hear back. If they call you and miss you they don't leave a message or a call back number.

I was supposed to get an over night delivery the Saturday before memorial day and instead am not getting anything until the following thursday(today)by two day air.

Today I took my last pill ( fifth month of a six month course) and if my meds don't show I will have to start all over again.

Irving, Texas, United States #795768

I do not recommened OptumRX. Why does my child have to give permission for ME her Mother and sole caretaker to order her Meds.

My daughter is 13 and a Type 1 diabetic. So, I told them I will not pay for her co-pays and to sue her for the money.

I guess I do not have to provide for her until she is 18. Please avoid them at all costs.

New York, New York, United States #771280

You are not required in NY State to use a mail order pharmacy. See the link below.

Push back against your insurance company. I have had the same problems you describe with OptumRx.

They are a nightmare.


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