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they define care rather than your doctor. doctor prescribes one medication but they won't cover it. They substitute, without telling you, another medication ignoring allergies. So now stuck with 3 month supply of worthless medication and have to pay full price for original med.

Even when bring list of meds covered to doctor, mid year they change policy and a drug you were on is no longer covered so doctor has to find something new. they do not tell you what "supply limits" are on meds and don't let you know if a prescription called in exceeds the limit. they do not tell the doctor either. The script just sits there until you call to follow up on

Have contacted their support network on multiple occasions. They lose medications hence have to pay extra for "3-day" or "overnight" which they still can't deliver on so have to call to get refund. Maybe you'll get your meds or maybe you won't.

Get different answers regarding prescriptions every time call - each rep assures he/she "telling the truth".

Worst mail order company EVER

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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