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I confess,my last 2 orders were actually correct and ON TIME!!pd.xtra,of course.If you live in Fla.and are on pain cannot find a drugstore that will sell you what look at script,hand it back and say"we dont have it"???I know when I'm being lied to!It is discrimination,bottom lineOnly exception is Publix,and they run out fast.So you are forced to optum and I think thats part of their careless service.They know youre over a barrel!I send my meds.certified,overnite mail to minumize the 10 day b.s.then overnited back.its Xmas,I must attend funeral in Hawaii today is the 13 I sent on the 8th.Looking at possibly missing flight[no ticket refund]or having a stroke and w./d.symptoms.whatta choice!even tho med.will be pd.for on the 17th-overnited@12.50?worth it to me,should be PLENTY of time but I gotta bad feeling.hope to not be in hospital on xmas day...5x optum has[been late on 3 refills]2x cancelled outright!!by who,or why,never did find out.Wasnt me,wasnt Dr.WHO?Then,when I did find out,I HAD to call!They didnt call me!with left.Almost had a coronary!!!Restricted meds.are prescribed right down to the VERY HOUR for you to run out.The DEA treats DR.s and patients like we are terrorists.All because we have the audacity to get sick.In Fla.,Gov.*** Scott and his flunky Pam Bondi really assisted the DEA in screwing us.Thanx,you two!Terrorists should go after them, not families.I am *** mad.Someone should look into legal action before someone dies.I have considered suicide rather than this torment.I'm too much of a coward not to mention my faith convictions,but nuff is nuff already!HELP HELP HELP!!!Anonymous,but I'd rather not be!!

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