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When I tried to order my Mom's pills, I was told there was an unpaid balance of $7.00. This was not true, as I had received a bill with no balance due. I faxed a copy of the bill showing no balance, but that did not matter. The supervisor said we had to pay the $7.00 or I would not be able to order Mom's pills. What would you do?

Of course, I paid, even though I knew I did NOT owe that money. After reading many of the complaints at this site, it looks like this tactic is OptumRx's practice. To me this is outright fraud!

I have filed a complaint with the OptumRx Appeals and Grievance section and also sent a copy of the letter to AARP. Hopefully AARP will get the message and change to another provider.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Oxford, Connecticut, United States #822749

So... At what point did the manager jump over the counter and tell you that you could not leave the store?

Did you call the police?

Next time, don't use words that you don't know the meaning of....

And if you don't know the meaning of the word, "kidnapping," you need to go back to grade school! Stop exaggerating you ***!

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