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Asking for a drug test from my dr. After many phone calls to optimrx trying to sort out why AGAIN they are with holding pain medication.

THANKS TO OPTUM RX I AM NOW DEEP IN THE THROWS OF MEDICATION WITHDRAWL AGAIN. this IS DOING HARM. They now tell me they need proof of a drug test? After I received a message saying my meds were shipped.

This was provided in February of this year drug test results. what about patient Dr confidentiality. . Was told by their SPECIALIST.

THEY need a more recent one to release my medication. When I had called 6 days prior and spoke to a complaint specialists I was told the meds were processing. At no issues on my medication then?? Even received a confirmation that the meds now 12 days over due.

Anyone who is stuck having to take pain medication is aware what happens to the body with out these much needed medications. I have to constantly call this place. Only to be told so many different stories why my meds are held up it makes ones head spin. I get a message saying meds were shipped one day.

The next a call saying. WE NEED A RECENT DRUG Test. Really?? HHO ARE THESE PEOPLE.??

. how dare them My dr who knows ME!!will decide when and how often I NEED a drug test. . The best was when I was told “well some pharmacists take the time to look at your file and others don’t” and it’s my responsibility to constantly check on the status of my medication.

Keep in mind these quacks are messing with my medication. What if the ones who don’t do their job send me the wrong medication. Someone is going to be killed by these quacks!! Since no one there seems to be able to tell me anything.

Of consistency. EVER. when I asked why this was I was told it just depends on who you get!! THINK ABOUT THAT.

How dare this pharmacy ask for personal information that is dr patient confidentiality. Hold my medication hostage. because they fel like it. With zero notice.

Even out right LIE Send notice meds are shipped and they weren’t. They admit they don’t know me form Adam and some of their pharmacists do their job while others don’t. Really puts the fear in perspective. To make a decision about what a patient is taking when they are Not the doctor is clearly unethical out side their scope of education not to say completelynegligent.

Where is the mal practice law suit? They take an oath to do no harm. Well they are doing harm. My body is suffering severely because they seem to want to play god.

Make decisions about what medication they will send or not. Over ride what orders MY DR HAS SENT. QUESTION HIM. request “confirmation from my Dr.

all to stall with hold much needed medication. WHY?? And as they them selfs state they have thousands of prescriptions running through their pharmacy daily. So they can not take the time to look at each patients file.

Yet can decide with out notice and over ride what my doctor “who knows me inside out and upside down”” has decided is the best treatment available for ME!! They can profile me based on what medication my doctor has prescribed me. Judge me. I have ALWAYS COMPLIEDwith all the rules drs have asked.

Never run out of meds abuse or misuse ANY OF MY Medications. To be profiled as a drug abuser is appalling to say the least. To be put in a classification of drug misuser?? People like me who sadly need long term pain medication are NOT PART of the problem.

I have tried every medication therapy treatment injection head medication psychotherapy pain management programs out there. Unfortunately I am FORCED by no fault of my own to be stuck taking controlled pain medicine. Been there done it ALL!! For any semblance of quality of life I LIKE THOUSANDS OF OTHER CHRONIC PAIN SUFFERERS out there.

OPTUM RX has NO business meddeling in my medicine. They must keep their nose OUT IF MY AND MY DOCTORS decided treatment plan. Again out of their own words. “We don’t know you”” exactly!!

Then do not presume to know better than my Dr. who does know me. DO NOT JUDGE PROFILE with hold medications with out just reason. Her I am suffering needlessly.

WHY? I ask what have I done wrong? I am sick. I have followed every rule request put upon me.

Done every single thing I can possibly do as a human being. Yet still here I am suffering because of someone else. WOW!! May these people know just ONE DAY OF WHAT WE CHROCIC PAIN SIFFERS GO THROUGH.

These people NEED a class action law suit against them. They are harming patients. I am one of those patients. In finishing this post I just recurved a message the fifth of ones in this last nitemare.

It will take another 7 to 10 business days for my medication to get to me.

pray for me. Is all I can say

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Iam going thru the same thing I have been on my pain medication for years and they kept dening my claim even though my Dr says I need it and now Iam going thru the withdrawal because they are playing god. Everytime I call I get a different answer. They have people working for them that don't have a clue.

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