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So I take 300mg of a medicine per day. Because of the pill size, for the past five years I have taken 2 x 150mg tabs.

All of sudden, now that pill size (mind you - not the drug itself) is not covered. I have to take the larger 300mg pill for there to be coverage. So my choice is, get this, 2 x 150/day for $500 or 1 x $300/day for...$10. WTF???

And to make it worse, the morons on the phone have no concept of what any of this means nor how utterly ridiculous it is.

Why can't United Healthcare fix this nonsense, or go back to Express Scripts, which was bad but not as bad as this. ***, Optum.

Reason of review: All of the above.

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Tucson, Arizona, United States #1281956

So what I'm understanding is, that your plan has disallowed you to use a medication you've been using for 5 years. A plan YOU chose.

So instead of realizing that optum has nothing to do with which medication your plan covers, you *** your garbage all over the Web about how *** *** you are and don't understand your own plan.

Good job. Your problem is with the plan, not with optum you ***.


usually a medication will cost around the same total regardless of the Amt of active ingredients in the pill. A 150 mg pill usually costs the same as a 300 mg this is due that the actual chemical is not what is expensive , but the r&d and regulations concerning manufacturing. By getting 2 150 mg pills vs 1 300 mg ur probably doubling the total cost of the rx for the insurance when u can just get a 300 mg and break in half

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