It is incredible just how many lies I was subjected to in two transactions. In my first dealing with Optum RX I had to call them 5 times to order 3 proscriptions which should have been shipped all together.

My doctor ordered 31 gauge insulin syringes which was changed by Optum RX to 30 gauge without authorization. I was charged for them 3 different times and it took anther 5 calls to get the charges reversed.

In my second dealing with them I have had to cancel the wrong order 2 times in order to get it erased and try to start over. My doctor has called in my prescription three times and they keep changing the prescription to what they want to send me.

I will no longer deal with Optum RX and file a complaint with United Health Care and governmental agencies as appropriate. I too hope that United Health Care can make a major overhaul of this unethical and illegal part of their company.

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OptumRX is to the healthcare system as the Yugo was to the automotive industry - Engineered to break in so many ways. The sooner it does vanish, the better for the poor folks who are dying on their watch. I really feel for the many who need real, 'A' student advocates, but who are stuck with these dropouts.

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #649237

Don't bother complaining to US Healthcare. I submit a dispute to them, telling them up front that Optum/rx doesn't know how to tell the truth and the first thing they did was get in touch with OptumRx. Of course the result of they dispute was in their favor!

Unfortunately I live in Florida where we have unbelievably stringent med laws and I have no other options. OptumRx actually TOLD my doctor not to prescribe my pain meds to me. Who's in charge here??????? So I live with chronic, intractable pain because the mail order pharmacy doesn't like me. I don't even know how to respond to this.

I only get meds from them now that they don't mess up and I only do that because I don't have transportation and it takes an act of Congress to get to a drug store.

I still owe them money for messed up deliveries and I'll die before I pay it.

Bottom line ~ don't deal with this company unless you absolutely have to.

to IveHadItUpToHere #785983

I'm here very late, but maybe someone else can benefit by knowing that, at least in my mother's situation (Medicare + United Health Care), she's able to switch to other mail order pharmacies. I'm currently doing the math, but will probably go with Walmart over Costco.

Costco used to be a deep discount draw for members and non-members alike, since no membership is required. I'm now seeing at least some meds that are double the OptumRx and Walmart prices.

Still hunting. There may be another mail order pharmacy or two that get rave reviews.

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