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OptumRx has screwed up every single order I have placed during the last year. Why I keep going back amazes me.

I will never order through them again. I've had it. Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. I've tried to complain to United Healthcare and OptumRx management and never get anywhere.

I tried to give them a second, third, forth- even fifth chance! I wish they would get their act together. After all of the hassle, phone calls and time wasted, I have never even saved money! They over charged me telling me that I owed a deductible when I do not!

They are scamming customers. I should have stuck with my local walk-in pharmacy and saved myself all of the stress. They also pay the insurance claims for retail scripts in case you didn't know.

United HC & OptumRx try to actually make money off of going through their mail service. My advice, Stay with your local pharmacy and save yourself the stress that is so not worth it!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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AMEN! I have used them for ONE MONTH for my husband's prescriptions and in that short time they have double charged me twice, and shipped a prescription we told them not to send!

The customer service people are retarded imbeciles, and I've spoken to a least six of them. You can't reach any management people AT ALL.

The"savings" are totally negligible compared to the boundless aggravation. Am transferring back to my local pharmacy immediately before they send me anything else.

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