Sooo Frustrating! I feel like Optum Rx is some sort of *** scheme. I called about an antibiotic RX for my child I was in process of sending out. I wanted to be sure they had the CC on file and that it would process in time so he didn't have a lapse from the locally filled few pills he had left. They advised me it would be faster if they took the onto over the phone, then faxed the Dr office for verification and got it processed. Great. Until the rep typed in the wrong version of the medication. (No coincidence that those 2 little letters took it from $25 to $150 I am guessing...) I explained that doesn't sound right and asked them to check the med again. This child has anaphylaxis to antibiotics and I don't want to go experimenting with different versions when this one has proven to not make him sick for 6 weeks already. She refused saying all the med were re-tiered Aug 1. I explained the last one was filled Aug 26th so that wasn't the case and surely it must be the wrong med and asked if we could we look again. She just kept repeating herself that all the prices went up. I said they there is no "DR" after the med on the bottle I am holding now... getting nowhere except hearing a canned "our medications re-tiered and many increased in price on Aug. 1." over and over again.

Got transferred to manager Christine. She actually types the med into the computer, finds the one that matches the bottle I am holding and the written Rx from the Doc. She explains that the earlier rep faxed the wrong med for approval to the pediatrician's office. Great... I ask her to re-fax the correct one and I inquire about possible confession with 2 of them out there. She assures me she is on it, the account has been properly notated, she will make sure the right one gets processed. Fast forward 2 days. I have checked on-line and they are in process of sending me the WRONG medication. I call and get a different manager. No one will give you a last name, extension #, employee #, nothing! They have zero accountability-- no wonder they can be completely incompetent! The new manager "Brandon" in OH. He has no last name, no extension, no recorded phone call id (for which I begged) and no employee # (translation NO accountability.) I ask him to immediately cancel the erroneous Rx. He claims he did, but my system still shows it in process. He can't give me any confirmation, will not send a fax or email saying it is cancelled and tells me I "have to trust him" and if I don't there is nothing he can do. I'm like "uh, I trusted the last 2 people and they have dropped the ball so I'd like to have something, anything that makes me feel like I can follow up with this." He says that's not their policy. Then he goes onto explain for the 4th time that they did nothing wrong and they filled the one the doctor sent back. I explain that the Dr sent them BOTH back in all the confusion and the correct one was send back 2nd- which should give it prescience or at least prompt a phone call for clarification. He tells me it is their policy not to share their internal processes. What?! He literally repeated his 2 canned lines over and over again for each question I asked and then claimed that there was no one else I could talk to every time I asked to speak to someone else. It was their mistake, they are potentially putting my allergic child in danger, they are charging me 400% over what the medication as written costs and no one will help me! "It is our policy to not share internal processes." "Your doctor approved the medication we processed." "It is our policy to not share internal processes." "Your doctor approved the medication we processed." .... like an insurance *** version of Groundhog Day.

So, I've been billed $150 that I seriously doubt I will get reimbursed, the Rx may or not be cancelled. I will gladly pay a local pharmacy well over retail so that I never have to deal with these people again. When I called my local Rx and told them, they laughed and said they hear a version of that story all day long there! Be warned...

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Hi there, me again.... I just got an email letting me know that my Rx has been processed.

You guessed it... I click the link and it is the WRONG med that I have cancelled TWICE!!!

OMG! What the h3ll is wrong with these people?!


Little update. I called Optum Rx back about an hour later and asked a rep to pull up the order for the WRONG med and guess what?!

It wasn't cancelled!

Oh my ***- a simply cannot believe it!! It almost has to be a scam- surely no company is actually this idiotic!

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