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Despite never sending medication without having made prior payment arrangements, despite having sent medication monthly without issue this entire time, despite having sent recent bills showing a $0 balance, my attempt on 5/19 to order my monthly arthritis medication was refused because OptumRX suddenly alleged I owed them $10 from January. It was only during a subsequent call that the CSR that day mentioned they were talking about January 2013, not 2014.

Moreover, they were unable to tell me what the claim related to since their records only went back to June 2013. After two unfulfilled promises to have a supervisor call me back, a useless conversation with a "resolution expert" ( hahaha) and over an hour on hold over three phone calls, I paid the $10 under protest to get my medication. Clearly, it's the principle here, and not the money. Looking at the complaints of other victims makes me even angrier.

This is a / UHC subsidiary gone wild.

I want a refund of $1,000. That's the unsubstantiated $10 claim, plus my hourly attorney's rate of $395/hour, plus the balance as punitive damages.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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