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I've now been on the phone with OptumRx for over 4 hours over 8 days trying to get a prescription filled. I had a prior authorization that was still in effect, but for a formulation that is no longer covered by my insurance.

So I got a new prescription and prior authorization for a new formulation that is covered. But they canceled the new prior authorization, twice, because I had an old prior authorization still in effect. But the old one was not for the current drug. Supervisors at both OptumRx and my insurance company told me the problem was fixed (at least 4 times), but I'm still trying to get them to get it right.

They want to charge me $539 instead of $90. I've never dealt with such an incompetent company in my entire life. A similar situation occurred last year, and I switched to a local pharmacy.

I decided to go back to OptumRx because they were cheaper. It looks like this was a mistake.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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this is typical of this illiterate incompetent corrupt outfit, *** obamacare, i hope you demoscum choke on it


I would take them to court. I pray you will get your money back. OptumRX is the absolute worst and just should close.

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