hold my meds for days even though I paid for overnite shipping! Place wrong fill dates on medications, for instance, will state filled on 8-25-15, but actually you don't get your meds for days on end & they charge you more for filling it early when its not early, when you try and get a refill, you will be told You Are Too Early to get this refilled!

This company is inept & have very unsavory business practices, no one knows what is going on, you will be told a different thing each time you call. I have been using this company for almost 6 months, problems every month, latest is on Your Meds on Hold because of a certain med may have a reaction to the meds you are requesting, I don't even take the med they are questioning, Never Have, Where do these people come up with such ***? They don't even have the right person, I have Never taken the med they are telling me I may have a reaction too? I have to wonder if these people are truly Pharmacists, there is something definitely wrong with this company.

I have filed complaint against Optum with United HealthCare and little did I know, United Healthcare in turn tells Optum I filed complaint and now I am being retaliated against. I am disabled, chose AARP medicare complete as this sounded like the best way to go, I had no idea United Healthcare was involved with AARP Medicare complete, I am thinking United Healthcare is just as inept as OptumRX. My meds on are hold due to something they have conjured up in their mind, I am without meds now & have idea when I will get, it all depends on when Optum decides to release to me. OptumRX will give you any excuse in the world not to release your meds, I don't know if this company is too busy to handle all the patients or if they are just too ***.

Reps that answer phone are Rude & incompetent as well. I was phone yesterday with them for 2 hrs being transferred back and forth, then the hung up on me and Never once called me back, Nothing got resolved, same with United Healthcare, I am truly scared of OptumRX because of their incompetence - something has to be done. They send renewal requests for medications I need to wrong doctors and of course they are rejected, then tell me you dr said No, well it wasn't the Right Dr!

There are other mail order pharmacies that are 150% better than OPTUMrx, I have used another mail order when I was able to work and Not Once had a problem. OptumRX needs to be put out of business before they hurt someone.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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