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Optumrx uses highly deceptive strategy to delay prescription payment. They utilize an annual Prior Authorization strategy on much needed percriptions.

Supposed to notify Dr. And Patient 6 weeks in advance via letter before they initiate their prior authorization process. However they do not adhere to their own step by step process and guidelines. You will not receive a letter, you will find out when you go to pick up your script.

Then you have to get your BZ Dr. To fill out a necessity form and submit. Then they take 5-11 days to review. Then they deny.

Then your forced through appeals process and maybe if your lucky you will get to pick your script up after 21-25 days after your initial pick up date if your lucky. Idiots on phone don't care and are uninformed. Upper mgt delay payment until next quarter by employing a strategically designed broken system and hiring under trained non English speaking idiots to confuse and re-route desperate patients on roads that lead nowhere. Someday someone will die or they already have.

Hey confused and dead patients are cheaper patients. At least we made our quarterly numbers and I'll get my quarterly bonus. Your calling about your prior authorization, oh it's still under review click HaHaHa let's see hm flights to Aruba. I'll check Trivago.

Off to vacation I go. Meanwhile a stack of prior auths sit untouched on desk. See you in three weeks. Don't do anything I wouldn't do ha ha.

" like process prior autos for those sick patients. ew sick patients creep me out good thing that stack didn't get processed or I would not b able to afford this vacation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: Notify patients 2 months advance via certified mail or phone call to actual patient. Notify .

I didn't like: Half wits, Uncaring, Unaccountable, Service.

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