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Twice now I have sent scripts in to be filled. And twice I have had to call to track them down. In both cases, I received a partial order. Gee, no, I didn't really need the medication I sent the Rx in for...I just wanted to waste a stamp. These idiots are batting 1000 considering I have only sent new scripts to them twice!

In the first instance, I waited 3 1/2 weeks AFTER I received the other items before I finally called Optum to figure out what was going on. The woman says words to the effect of, "Oh yes, I see that in there...and there is a note for someone to call you." Apparently there was some question and they weren't sure about something...Um, when exactly was that phone call to me going to take place? Was someone going to call me this year?

Fast forward to the second time that I have sent prescriptions in. This time, I was sent in a Rx for durable med equip (which I was instructed to send it to Optum to be filled...). I pick up the meds (see below about their awesome signature-required policy) but not the DME because nothing was shipped. I figured I would give it a little while longer because it could have shipped separately. After getting home from vacation, and now several weeks later, I finally called to find out what was going on. The woman this time tells me that they don't fill DME scripts. Ok, I'll accept that - maybe I misunderstood where I was supposed to take that Rx. What I do have an issue with is this : WAS SOMEONE GOING TO CALL AND TELL ME THAT? Was someone going to send the Rx back to me? Anything? No, apparently not. I apparently needed to call them and get it figured out. And since the original was destroyed, I have to go back to my doctor to get another one.

And the kicker - what I understand is their company policy with regard to shipment of meds makes my head spin. They will not allow many drugs (that are not scheduled narcotics) to be delivered without a signature. As it turns out, I have a job (the one that makes me go through Optum Rx!) so I am at work. This means that I am generally not home when the UPS guy comes. It turns out my dog is great at barking at the UPS guy, but not too good at signing for and receiving packages. So instead, I have to drive to the ONE UPS location in this whole area during their hours (which BTW, are roughly the same as my hours..and no, I can't get there and back during my lunch) so I can get my meds.

This time I actually told the automated system "yes" when it asked if I would stay on the line and take a survey. I did, but the survey never came on. Imagine that.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Please, PLEASE focus on better customer service. A better system of follow-up calls when needed - the current system is lacking..

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