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I had a double lung transplant 7 months ago and I'm required to take many medications for the rest of my life. On January 1st my insurance changed from Aetna to UHC.

After checking my plan benefits I found out that I was required to get one of my medications from their mail order pharmacy OptumRx since it was a specialty drug. To save money I decided to have most of my prescriptions transferred to them. This turned out to be a big mistake.

On January 13, 2016, I ordered two prescription drugs from OptumRx. The first medication was for Sirolimus ($15.00). The second charge was for Rena-Vyte ($44.71). These two charges showed up on my Wells Fargo checking account on January 15th 2016.

On January 15, 2016, I ordered another prescription for a medication called Protonix which was $30.00. I decided to place this order on my American Express card. Before I provided my credit card information, I verified with the representative that I would be only charged $30.00 because earlier in the day there was some confusion about me actually paying for the Rena-Vyte. The representative did inform me she did see where I had already paid for the Rena-Vyte on the 13th, and I would only be charged $30.00, however, after hanging up and checking my American Express payment I see she actually charged me for BOTH the Protonix and AGAIN for Rena-Vyte for a total of $74.71. So she LIED to me just to get me off the phone.

Between January 13th, and January 15, 2015, I ordered three medications

Sirolimus: $15.00

Rena-Vyte: $44.71

Protonix: $30.00

for a total of $89.71.

However, I was charged as follows:

Wells Fargo debit card on 1/13/2016: $59.71

American Express card on 1/15/2016: $74.71

Total charges: $134.42 which leaves a difference of $44.71. This means I was double charged for the Rena-Vyte.

I called Wells Fargo and spoke with customer service and had the representative remain on the line with me while I called OptumRx to try to resolve this issue. However my attempt to get this issue resolved was unsuccessful. No one I spoke to seemed to understand the fact that I was double charged, so I just ended up filing a dispute with my bank to get $44.71 reimbursed to my account.

Many of the representatives I spoke to at OptumRx seem not to know what they are doing. Its easy to see that I was double charged, but they either don't get it or simply don't care. I've only been a customer with them for a couple of weeks and I can already see its going to be nightmare dealing with them as long as my company uses UHC. Doing mail order definitely saves me money on most my medications, but its really not worth not at the cost of the endless frustration I have to put up with.

Even before this debacle, it took them 5 days to get my prescription for my main anti-rejection drug (Sirolimus) straightened out and I was at the *** of running out of it. Instead of calling the UHC help desk for assistance they attempted to submit my claim for Sirolimus nearly 40 times. They would have kept resubmitting the claim had I not called UHC myself to find out what was going on.

Hopefully by Monday I'll have my medications correct, but once they run out I'm going to strongly consider transferring most if not all my non specialty medications to my local pharmacy and just pay more. Not getting my medications on time is not an option and OptumRx staff is too dishonest and does not seem equipped to handle customers whose very life depends on these medications.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $45.

I didn't like: Lies and incompetance, Deceitful.

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we were also miss charged and lied to four times about my husbands insulins being delivered next day because they messed up i spent hours on the phone with incompetent people even an indian call center what is america coming to when a life or death medication can be toyed with like this

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