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I SO agree with the complaint from JazznJavaSF. I, too, used Prescription Solutions for many years until the were taken over by OptumRx and I never - or seldom - had a problem. Now, every month I get closer to having a heart attack, panic attack, hiatal hernia attack and any other attack available to me after dealing with these people. I kid you not, EVERY month involves at least 4-5 phone calls. I even wrote to the CEO and let him know what was going on........like he really cares! .

These people, in addition to not being well trained or even smart, are the most outrageous liars. If you call them 4 times for an issue (I usually call more than that), they will give you 5 answers. Yes, you read right. I called once and in one conversation they gave me 2 different and opposite answers - both of which turned out to be wrong.

There is also a billing problem. It is impossible to reach their billing department. They simply won't put you through. I order two meds at a time to be overnighted together. They are due the same time so I see no reason why they should be handled separately. The first pain med finally got here and I was charged the overnight charges. I also had a non-narcotic med (which is strangely unaffected by their professed "processing" time. I boldly noted that this SHOULD NOT be overnighted. Additionally I attached a separate note saying the same thing. They sent the no-rush med and charged me the overnight charges and it was days before I received the second pain med and they charged me the overnight charges AGAIN. Do I have to tell you I'm not paying the $15 for EACH shipment? Three overnight charges for what could have gone out in one package? C'mon guys. I'm not the billionaire. You are confusing me with the CEO of your company.

I am 70 years old and have several conditions which cause me horrendous pain. My caring doctor has prescribed 2 narcotics but since I live in the drug capital (??) of Florida, I cannot buy either of these in local pharmacies. I have a poverty plan with United Healthcare for meds only and THEY OWN OPTUMRX. I call to complain every month but I'll give you 3 guesses who they defend. Yesterday I spent hours on the phone calling government agencies but I got caught in the bureaucratic loop, with everyone telling me to call someone else - sometimes the very people who told me to call them. I should move to a country where they actually honor and respect their older citizens. Oh, wait, I can't afford it. I don't eat THAT many pop tarts.

I order 2 narcotic meds at a time which my doctor can't prescribe until the day before they are due for renewal (may be specific to Florida) and then have to pay $15.00 overnight charges (which is taken from my already unhealthy food budget). OptumRx then sits on the prescriptions with a myriad of excuses - "Your drug company (US Healthcare) denied them [not true], we never got it [not true], we have to verify this with your doctor [doubt that since they have a valid prescription], the dog ate the prescription. Then I have to wait 7 days or more for them to process the scripts, which I'm sure is done by machine. The order form I send them tells them in red marker, underlines and highlighted in addition to a repetitive hand-written note, to overnight the meds back (another $15 out of my food money - now down to buying nutritious pop tarts from the dollar store for meals). Now, overnight to me means it's mailed Monday and I get it Tuesday. Right? Today is 1/5/13 and I have been given several different delivery dates by OptumRX as to when I will be receiving the meds. Would you be surprised to hear I still don't have the meds?

All this time since I received the prescription from my doctor (12/18) - [remember, the med runs out on 12/19] I have been in severe pain but nobody gives a ***. I MIGHT be able to get them on the east coast of FL but I can’t afford the gas and my SIL’s car has preceded me in death. NOT ONE government agency did a single thing to help me. Where do we get off calling ourselves a "caring" country. At 70 years old I have finally become a total cynic.

I am totally heart-sick (as well as body-sick) that we treat our seniors so poorly. I know I sound flippant about all this, but if it weren’t for my humor I would crawl into a hole and put it in after me, or become another Sybil. As it is, I just sit in my room all day because it hurts too much to walk around. My doctor asks me if I am getting any exercise and I just laugh. She understands what I mean. Am I eating well? Pop Tarts (dollar store equivalent, of course) taste just fine when you’re hungry.

For those people who tell me to just change insurance companies I tell them I can’t. I have TWO choices here in Florida: US Healthcare or one another (who it isn’t necessary to name). The second company’s co-pays are just way too high for me and I can’t afford them.

I know nothing will come of this but at least, if JazznJavaSF reads this s/he will know they aren’t being paranoid……that this problem isn’t their fault. If there are two of us, you can bet there are loads more.

I may be old but I'm feisty and these people just don't know who they are messing with. I'll be the squeaky wheel and I'd scream from the rooftops if I could get up there. Y'think 60 Minutes will read this? ***! SOMEBODY has to care.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #1319433

I know it doesn't count but I care,I also understand your situation.I wish someone could change this mess,I'm basically working to pay for my health insurance so I can get my meds so I can work,all my hard earned money is being taken by UMR & Optumrx.

I to am getting the run around.With no ansewers.

I've spent countless hours on the phone with them even the lady in charge of our insurance plan,she didn't get ansewers either.They talk about keeping us healthy but all they've done is stressed me out now I'm on anxiety med.THANKS A LOT Optumrx & UMR


We want to help you, because without your business, we would not have a job to go to.

As a customer service rep with the company, I can assure you that we go above and beyond to assist our members.

However, there is so much that we can do as agents. If the plan that you have does not allow you to receive that medication due to a PA requirement, then our hands are tied. My suggestion would be, is to find call in before you ask your doctor to submit that PA and find out what type of information is required. Have you tried other medications and they have not worked for you, and this is the one that does.

Are you allergic to certain active ingredients in other meds, and that is why your doctor wants you to use this particular one. What is your history of using this med. Why does your doctor feel you should take it. All of these things factor in when the PA dept reviews your request.

The more your doctor submits about you, your condition, tests that you've already taken, other meds you've taken and have not worked...MORE INFO is best!We are on your side!

to anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1319438

If u are on my side then,I tried vyvanse, u claim it works the same as Adderall just a different delivery system. .I tried it,it was a horrible experience I wasn't able to sleep,seen silver dots before my eyes also my apatite was gone.,many more bad reactions.I had to go back to Adderall, Optumrx & UMR still will only cover 30mg.I'm on 60mg..I complied to trying something else it didn't work,I've spent countless hrs.on the phone trying to find out why 3 months of Adderall wasn't being applied to my deductible, after trying 3 months to get an answer & $700.00+ dollars later I was told I need to see a phy.is the only way you'll cover it.If it isn't required for vyvanse then why is it for Adderall? How am I to get refunded for money spent because Optumrx didn't give me any ansewers & I feel I shouldn't have to see a different doctor to get my meds.especially because you had better covering it for several months prior?

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1319439

I know u have a very difficult job.I have the utmost respect for your Profesion. So I don't want u to miss direct my fustration.Its the trouble with the company & the FDA rules & regulations.

Gardnerville, Nevada, United States #1285570

I read your statement....my husband

(61 yrs old) and myself (age 58) are so familiar with this BS as well, we cannot comprehend how optimum RX medicare Part D insurance that we have worked very hard all our lives and this is what we're stuck with how are they allowed to take away our ability to function on a daily basis, it's taken years to get us at a functional level to begin with.Might as well just fluff the pillows because that's where We will land once again.

It's sad but true.

May God bless all of you out there that are suffering such as we

Sun City, Arizona, United States #1249598

OptumRx is run with a telemarketer mentality.OptumRx calls every 2-3 days wanting you to use their prescription medication service.

The prices are much higher than a drugstore.

OptumHealth itself now stands accused of committing Medicaid fraud in three lawsuits filed against it this year.Do not use this service if you can help it.

Marysville, Washington, United States #1249260

I agree! OptumRX information is often wrong. They have NO credibility.

Kenton, Ohio, United States #1237405

GO GET THEM!!!!!!!!!

Staten Island, New York, United States #1191909

Amazing to find out that we were paying $78 instead of $7 for a prescription for my 9 year old mother these people are a rip-off morning



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