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I SO agree with the complaint from JazznJavaSF. I, too, used Prescription Solutions for many years until the were taken over by OptumRx and I never - or seldom - had a problem. Now, every month I get closer to having a heart attack, panic attack, hiatal hernia attack and any other attack available to me after dealing with these people. I kid you not, EVERY month involves at least 4-5 phone calls. I even wrote to the CEO and let him know what was going on........like he really cares! .

These people, in addition to not being well trained or even smart, are the most outrageous liars. If you call them 4 times for an issue (I usually call more than that), they will give you 5 answers. Yes, you read right. I called once and in one conversation they gave me 2 different and opposite answers - both of which turned out to be wrong.

There is also a billing problem. It is impossible to reach their billing department. They simply won't put you through. I order two meds at a time to be overnighted together. They are due the same time so I see no reason why they should be handled separately. The first pain med finally got here and I was charged the overnight charges. I also had a non-narcotic med (which is strangely unaffected by their professed "processing" time. I boldly noted that this SHOULD NOT be overnighted. Additionally I attached a separate note saying the same thing. They sent the no-rush med and charged me the overnight charges and it was days before I received the second pain med and they charged me the overnight charges AGAIN. Do I have to tell you I'm not paying the $15 for EACH shipment? Three overnight charges for what could have gone out in one package? C'mon guys. I'm not the billionaire. You are confusing me with the CEO of your company.

I am 70 years old and have several conditions which cause me horrendous pain. My caring doctor has prescribed 2 narcotics but since I live in the drug capital (??) of Florida, I cannot buy either of these in local pharmacies. I have a poverty plan with United Healthcare for meds only and THEY OWN OPTUMRX. I call to complain every month but I'll give you 3 guesses who they defend. Yesterday I spent hours on the phone calling government agencies but I got caught in the bureaucratic loop, with everyone telling me to call someone else - sometimes the very people who told me to call them. I should move to a country where they actually honor and respect their older citizens. Oh, wait, I can't afford it. I don't eat THAT many pop tarts.

I order 2 narcotic meds at a time which my doctor can't prescribe until the day before they are due for renewal (may be specific to Florida) and then have to pay $15.00 overnight charges (which is taken from my already unhealthy food budget). OptumRx then sits on the prescriptions with a myriad of excuses - "Your drug company (US Healthcare) denied them [not true], we never got it [not true], we have to verify this with your doctor [doubt that since they have a valid prescription], the dog ate the prescription. Then I have to wait 7 days or more for them to process the scripts, which I'm sure is done by machine. The order form I send them tells them in red marker, underlines and highlighted in addition to a repetitive hand-written note, to overnight the meds back (another $15 out of my food money - now down to buying nutritious pop tarts from the dollar store for meals). Now, overnight to me means it's mailed Monday and I get it Tuesday. Right? Today is 1/5/13 and I have been given several different delivery dates by OptumRX as to when I will be receiving the meds. Would you be surprised to hear I still don't have the meds?

All this time since I received the prescription from my doctor (12/18) - [remember, the med runs out on 12/19] I have been in severe pain but nobody gives a ***. I MIGHT be able to get them on the east coast of FL but I can’t afford the gas and my SIL’s car has preceded me in death. NOT ONE government agency did a single thing to help me. Where do we get off calling ourselves a "caring" country. At 70 years old I have finally become a total cynic.

I am totally heart-sick (as well as body-sick) that we treat our seniors so poorly. I know I sound flippant about all this, but if it weren’t for my humor I would crawl into a hole and put it in after me, or become another Sybil. As it is, I just sit in my room all day because it hurts too much to walk around. My doctor asks me if I am getting any exercise and I just laugh. She understands what I mean. Am I eating well? Pop Tarts (dollar store equivalent, of course) taste just fine when you’re hungry.

For those people who tell me to just change insurance companies I tell them I can’t. I have TWO choices here in Florida: US Healthcare or one another (who it isn’t necessary to name). The second company’s co-pays are just way too high for me and I can’t afford them.

I know nothing will come of this but at least, if JazznJavaSF reads this s/he will know they aren’t being paranoid……that this problem isn’t their fault. If there are two of us, you can bet there are loads more.

I may be old but I'm feisty and these people just don't know who they are messing with. I'll be the squeaky wheel and I'd scream from the rooftops if I could get up there. Y'think 60 Minutes will read this? ***! SOMEBODY has to care.

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to ron #672300

OptumRx would NEVER suggest a schedule I drug. Not to mention OptumRx does not employ doctors.

I work there, I know for a fact our pharmacists do not recommend drugs to patients. If there is a medication they take that is not available, our pharmacists may recommend alternatives for the patient to check with their doctor about that are therapeutically/otherwise equivalent. If OptumRx would not fill the medication, there is no reason for them to recommend it, either.

They would make no profit off such a recommendation, even if that were their motive. Your comment makes absolutely no sense.

to Jessica Delray Beach, Florida, United States #683825
you're alittle retarded huh? cuz either that's how much we hate what you f***ing ppl do to us that he was trying to get you ppl in trouble or it was metaphoric for he's just better off using the street drug cuz like he said it is easier to get and less ***.

girl, i would never admit working there again. then again..

i'd quit out of principal! :( D
to Demi #710322

How is she retarded, when it's clearly you that must be. First of all, I'd recommend English grammar, and possibly typing classes to you.

You thick headed nimrods like to blame individuals for a companies policies and procedures. Shame on you for such simple minded conclusions. If you don't like the way a company works, by all means switch. If not, get someone to drive you to the Pharmacist, and pick it up YOURSELF.

A company is represented by a customer service representative, but by no means will OptumRX ever get in any trouble due to something like this, The guy would be terminated, end of story. She can admit to working there if she wants, she probably makes a *** of alot more money then half the people that waste their time writing in this ridiculous forum. If you're mad, NO ONE CARES.

Build a bridge and learn to get over it. Suck it up buttercup, and drive on.

to Demi #710494

I understand being bitter about the pharmacy--but you have to remember, with a cheap Medicare plan that Obama is making worse, they are going to go with a cheap discount pharmacy. OptumRx is a discount pharmacy, so a lot of the support, services, and fast processing time that one may readily expect at a local (or more expensive mail service) pharmacy will not be on the same par.

The company expects a lot out of the CSR's with minimum training, etc., and go with the cheapest methods they can to keep the company moving forward. So you can probably imagine how they treat employees also, if the customers (who generate the money flow) are not treated like pearls. I admit I worked there because, honestly, if one can last longer than a week on the floor, it truly is an accomplishment. A lot of our customers were pleased with the services provided--especially with me on the phone, because I knew the in's and out's and how the system worked.

A lot of the holds and issues are caused by inexperience and not starting the account correctly to begin with. The company tries to save money to save you money by cutting some corners and not everyone can be happy with this (especially those residing in Florida and New York, I've noticed). So hopefully, you will not stoop to name-calling to get a point across, even if it is someone related with the business.

(See how readily you jump on someone's case that you do not know simply because they are related to something you don't like? I dealt with that daily, so I hope your intent was not to incite negative feelings from me, because it will have absolutely no effect.)

to ron South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #702993
Sorry, but I totally do not believe any such statement was made to you...if, in fact, what u say is true, rest assured the employee who said it has been terminated by now. :cry
Totally Agree with your comment Mad as *** -- me too. Absolutely no satisfaction and EVERY time I have to reorder or have a question its a 2 hour project between the lack of benefits and UHC and OPRX.

I have to psyche myself up to call - only to be passed around by people who do not know answers and do not care. No wonder my blood pressure goes up every single time. Would I recommend? DEFINITELY NOT!!!!

Absolute sharks! UHC used Medco before and no hassle and I received prescriptions every 3 months, now can only get them monthly. What is the point of mail order and saving money??? This is a completely new experience and one I do not need!!!

Forget writing a complaint -- I did but it was responded to by some bureaucrat, stereo printed computer response with blah, blah, blah, blah. :( :( :( :(

Unfortunately, OptumRx is a discount pharmacy, and as such, UHC has chosen them above other more efficient pharmacies because they are cheaper. The name used to be Prescription Solutions by OptumRx, so they basically just shortened it.

Not sure if upper management had changed, but the customer service people are still the same (except all the newer, untrained individuals that a lot of people get screwed over by...). They have many policies that people are unaware of, so when members get caught up in them and there is finally a problem, they get stuck in a tangled loop that frustrates them and makes them want to scream at someone, say, the customer service agents who literally have no power to change the situation. The only thing they can do is to submit complaints and try to come up with an answer/solution to the customer's problem when supervisors give them different answers to give out. Each different advocate finds (or does not) something new to tell the customer from all the notation on the account--and not only that, there is no customer service line for the billing department.

So the agent sits there trying to figure out each issue that comes up for the member and can only apologize or try to further diagnose the situation. Again, the agent has no control. Even though they may truly care about the person they are on the line with, they can do nothing from their position. I also believe there are many policies that should be changed--but unfortunately, there are some things out of ANY company's control, such as Florida State law with controlled substances.

A written prescription is necessary, and even if you overnight the prescription it could still take 3 days to process into the system, and (since it's technically a "new" prescription) it will take "about ten business days" for the member to receive it. If a controlled substance looks like it's been signed electronically, the signature needs to be verified--if there is a changed federal regulation or new evidence of poor side effects from medication, verification is needed from the doctor about said change, and this can increase processing time from about 1-5 business days by about 4 extra days, depending. Typically, agents recommend sending in prescriptions at LEAST 2 weeks in advance for processing, or when they send a fax out to the doctor for the prescription renewals they also recommend the 2-week timeframe in advance due to the nature of the processing time. Unfortunately, life intervenes, or the member forgets, or there are policies that make it so frustrating for the member and the advocate both.

There should be a more detailed outline of the policies and processing for both the members and the agents so they can know what to expect, even worst-case scenario. OptumRx is really only designed for a 90-day supply and only if the patient (or someone taking care of the patient) AND the doctor can stay on top of things.

Typically, with a 90-day supply (depending on the insurance plan), the member can order the medication UP TO a month in advance, so if the prescription is already in by the time the prescription says it CAN be filled, everything will be okay. But that is a lot of management on the member's part and is certainly not the easiest way of ordering prescriptions...

to KittyS #659723

Optum rx makes rules as they go, I have been getting my pain meds from them for many yrs.So, beginning January 2013 they sent a letter stating you can not have 2 fast acting meds and so my Dr.stopped one of them,then the next month when I sent it in they said you have to have a er along with the fast acting so my Dr. gave me er with the fast acting.Ok now they say it has to be 80%er and 20% fast acting .Ok my Dr adjusted it 80/20 now they say that if you are on a er you don't need a fast acting.

They are making up rules. aarp pays for all of my meds that is prescribed to me. I am 65 yrs old and have a perfect police record and they are treating me as a criminal, don't care if I have legit pain. I live in Ohio and the pharmacies won't fill because Governor Kasich has them scared to fill controlled substance .What is a senior citizen suppose to do?

When I find out they have violated my rights to have my prescriptions filled I will sue their pants off of them! I get all of my prescriptions filled through them. Oh not only does noy filling my fast acting for a low cost the er is priced higher and has already put me in my donut hole because a er is like $1100.

compare to a $38 a month.

to Pat Germantown, Maryland, United States #660190

This is a outrage for senior citizens! How can a pharmacist tell a Physician what to write for a patient? The Physicians know what is best for their patient. If I were you I would contact your insurance carrier and make a complaint, they are not permitted to deny meds that you need.

Most seniors are on a budget and can not afford the higher price meds. I would do as you say, hire a attorney and sue them, prove to them your issues and that you are treated as a criminal.

I am outraged as to what they are doing to you, they better bet that if they do my parents this way I will be in their ***.

Everyone that is having this problem should get on here and voice their opinions.

to Pat #710497

Unfortunately, the IR/ER issue was really big when it hit the fan. It was something that no one was advised of and just suddenly smacked onto pharmacists everywhere (not just mail service).

Now on the last part, they should not be able to tell you you cannot get fast acting at all. The rule is the 80/20 (still not sure how that came about, as it was not described to me, and I tried to look it up but found no information on it online at all). They are not trying to treat you like a criminal--the government is cracking down on controlled substances overall; so honestly, it is the government treating you this way, and pharmacists receiving the blame for it. I do apologize about everything you are experiencing--but what with the downward spiral of elderly health care (especially with Obama in control of ruining it further), it is not OptumRx alone to blame.

The country needs to take better care of all of its citizens, and because of spending imaginary money we, as a country, have no way to help everyone. It's really discouraging... That and with all the people who /are/ using medications illegally and illegitimately, it makes it so much harder for those who need it.

On this note, I am honestly worried about growing old in this country... God help us all.

Tampa, Florida, United States #648477

Customer service does not exist.

I suffer a chronic health condition and have been trying to get

a refill for 2 weeks now.Every time that I have call them they ask the same questions all over again but no action taken.


I had my medication quantity raced by my doctor and they faxed a prescription to optum RX with my new dose also faxed a prescription for a new medication,

I was waiting for my medications last week did not receive any Meds. Today I got a envelope from optum RX with a reorder list of the medication with the increased dose and also the new prescription stated that I could refill after may 1. Called up optum and they said they did not have the prescription spoke to 2 customer service reps and then to a supervisor, he just laughed and sad it was a computer error, I asked how the computer could get a hold of my new prescription and sent me the letter he said it was a operational error and he was still laughing.

Luckily I can wait for this Meds but I have other Meds that if I do a break of 1 week or until they will get the Meds to me my immune system may rejects that medication and I could be very ill before we find another medication that works. I told him that if it had been that medication or my morphine I could have been seriously ill and he should think about that before he laughs at customers missed prescription.

Same goes for their pharmacists they should understand the problem better but I guess in the state optum operate there is no moral.

Austin, Texas, United States #630397

I filed a complaint with the California Department of Pharmacy Consumer Affairs against OptumRX. Because I submitted written documentation and proof of unethical business practice the Dept.

Of Consumer Affairs informed me that they were indeed doing an investigation. I told OptumRX that I will do everything I can to shhut them down.

to IHATEOPTUM #630506

Good for you!!!! I have been trying to get people to listen to me for ages and have gotten nowhere. I even put in a grievance with my insurance company and what did they do? They got in touch with OPTUM even after I told them what liars they are. Of course they belived Optum so it was all a waste of time.

If you need any kind of help against them, please let me know and I will do what I can. I truly hope their doors are shut forever. Seeing someone go to jail for the harm they have done to sick and elderly people would be a super bonus.

Please keep this board informed of any progress.

to gopublic958 Kansas City, Kansas, United States #660654

This is long but I hope people will read. I empathize with the struggles you and others have been having with OptumRx. As a former employee I know first hand the frustration the customers feel as I spoke to many customers every day. There are definite problems within the company but please remember that not every one is incompetent and if the company is completely shut down hundreds of good people would lose their jobs.

Many of the problems, in my opinion, come from higher managements lack of knowledge about what "the little people" do. Policies and procedures are put in place that make no sense to the people who have to follow them, yet when concerns are voiced it appears they are often ignored as nothing changes. There is a definite lack of training for all employees and they do not always have the tools they need to do the job correctly. The emphasis on performance always seemed more important to me than service which was sad.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people that do not care too and that is sad. There is a lack of accountability when people make mistakes so some people just do not care. They work the order as fast as possible even if they do it wrong. To me that is unacceptable but they get away with it. There were and are people who work their that care, but I completely understand the frustration some people have.

There are also circumstances beyond employees control. At one time I worked in the dept. that called dr.'s offices for clarification of prescriptions. there would be missing strengths, missing quantities, missing signatures or no date. Prescriptions have been written for a strength that the medication is not available in so the pharmacy has to verify the information. These are all elements of a valid prescription and have to be present in order to fill. Most offices are very nice and receptive but there are offices that are not as cooperating. There are also laws that have to be followed for each state depending upon where the customer lives and what is being filled. NY has some of the strictest laws concerning controlled medications. Certain states require additional information and if it is not on the prescription it has to be called on. Please do not take this to be a defense because even with these issues OptumRx drops the ball many times.

As hard as it is to believe the majority of medications reach customers in a timely manner but there are thousands, if not over a million customers that the company fills for so even if just 2% of say 500,000 people have a problem with their order that is 10,000 customers being under-serviced. Their needs to be an overhaul of procedures and training but until the people who run the company get that through their heads nothing is going to change, and for that I am truly sorry to all the people who are having trouble. If you made it this far I thank you for taking the time to read this from someone who truly cared about the customers I was trying to help.

to IHATEOPTUM Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #774000

I would do everything I could to shut them down too. I am documenting everything from now on .

to IHATEOPTUM #784058

That is great advice! I'm in OK and I'll do the same.

My employer uses UHC and we were forced to change to OptumRx last year. It's been *** ever since. Still waiting for my son's medication ordered over two weeks ago! We had to get an emergency dose from the local pharmacy and had to explain we were using a "mail-order" pharmacy because Optum showed we had already filled the prescription...sigh....so, where is it???

Their so-called tracking service is a joke.

The tracking link with USPS shows that the package has been in San Diego for 2 weeks!

I plan to lodge a formal complaint with the CA Dept of Pharmacy Consumer Affairs as you have done. Maybe someone can shut them down!

Toledo, Ohio, United States #621573

I acted in emotion which is wrong. Optumrx still maintains a good relationship due to the resolution of my case.

In some aspects I believe most companies need to look at customer service due to our ever changing world we all live in. In any case communication is the key.

Optumrx please accept my apology for my immature response. Sincerely bear

to bear #630509

Bear - It sounds like someone bought you off. You know these people are liars and unethical.

If their behavior is a reflection of our times, we are in very, very deep trouble as a society.

Toledo, Ohio, United States #619459

I too agree that optumrx look up the word customer service. I do not know how they can stay in business. ooh optum rx

you need to read -- I will educate you schould you have problem

post you response if you can read.

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