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I SO agree with the complaint from JazznJavaSF. I, too, used Prescription Solutions for many years until the were taken over by OptumRx and I never - or seldom - had a problem. Now, every month I get closer to having a heart attack, panic attack, hiatal hernia attack and any other attack available to me after dealing with these people. I kid you not, EVERY month involves at least 4-5 phone calls. I even wrote to the CEO and let him know what was going on........like he really cares! .

These people, in addition to not being well trained or even smart, are the most outrageous liars. If you call them 4 times for an issue (I usually call more than that), they will give you 5 answers. Yes, you read right. I called once and in one conversation they gave me 2 different and opposite answers - both of which turned out to be wrong.

There is also a billing problem. It is impossible to reach their billing department. They simply won't put you through. I order two meds at a time to be overnighted together. They are due the same time so I see no reason why they should be handled separately. The first pain med finally got here and I was charged the overnight charges. I also had a non-narcotic med (which is strangely unaffected by their professed "processing" time. I boldly noted that this SHOULD NOT be overnighted. Additionally I attached a separate note saying the same thing. They sent the no-rush med and charged me the overnight charges and it was days before I received the second pain med and they charged me the overnight charges AGAIN. Do I have to tell you I'm not paying the $15 for EACH shipment? Three overnight charges for what could have gone out in one package? C'mon guys. I'm not the billionaire. You are confusing me with the CEO of your company.

I am 70 years old and have several conditions which cause me horrendous pain. My caring doctor has prescribed 2 narcotics but since I live in the drug capital (??) of Florida, I cannot buy either of these in local pharmacies. I have a poverty plan with United Healthcare for meds only and THEY OWN OPTUMRX. I call to complain every month but I'll give you 3 guesses who they defend. Yesterday I spent hours on the phone calling government agencies but I got caught in the bureaucratic loop, with everyone telling me to call someone else - sometimes the very people who told me to call them. I should move to a country where they actually honor and respect their older citizens. Oh, wait, I can't afford it. I don't eat THAT many pop tarts.

I order 2 narcotic meds at a time which my doctor can't prescribe until the day before they are due for renewal (may be specific to Florida) and then have to pay $15.00 overnight charges (which is taken from my already unhealthy food budget). OptumRx then sits on the prescriptions with a myriad of excuses - "Your drug company (US Healthcare) denied them [not true], we never got it [not true], we have to verify this with your doctor [doubt that since they have a valid prescription], the dog ate the prescription. Then I have to wait 7 days or more for them to process the scripts, which I'm sure is done by machine. The order form I send them tells them in red marker, underlines and highlighted in addition to a repetitive hand-written note, to overnight the meds back (another $15 out of my food money - now down to buying nutritious pop tarts from the dollar store for meals). Now, overnight to me means it's mailed Monday and I get it Tuesday. Right? Today is 1/5/13 and I have been given several different delivery dates by OptumRX as to when I will be receiving the meds. Would you be surprised to hear I still don't have the meds?

All this time since I received the prescription from my doctor (12/18) - [remember, the med runs out on 12/19] I have been in severe pain but nobody gives a ***. I MIGHT be able to get them on the east coast of FL but I can’t afford the gas and my SIL’s car has preceded me in death. NOT ONE government agency did a single thing to help me. Where do we get off calling ourselves a "caring" country. At 70 years old I have finally become a total cynic.

I am totally heart-sick (as well as body-sick) that we treat our seniors so poorly. I know I sound flippant about all this, but if it weren’t for my humor I would crawl into a hole and put it in after me, or become another Sybil. As it is, I just sit in my room all day because it hurts too much to walk around. My doctor asks me if I am getting any exercise and I just laugh. She understands what I mean. Am I eating well? Pop Tarts (dollar store equivalent, of course) taste just fine when you’re hungry.

For those people who tell me to just change insurance companies I tell them I can’t. I have TWO choices here in Florida: US Healthcare or one another (who it isn’t necessary to name). The second company’s co-pays are just way too high for me and I can’t afford them.

I know nothing will come of this but at least, if JazznJavaSF reads this s/he will know they aren’t being paranoid……that this problem isn’t their fault. If there are two of us, you can bet there are loads more.

I may be old but I'm feisty and these people just don't know who they are messing with. I'll be the squeaky wheel and I'd scream from the rooftops if I could get up there. Y'think 60 Minutes will read this? ***! SOMEBODY has to care.

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I found filing a complaint with your State Attorney General, or Department of Consumer Affairs for your state gets results.


I have had problems with this company which have taken almost a month to get my perscription.My Prescription of 3 items was fax'd directly from my doctor.

They shipped one item. After several telephone calls, I finally discovered they cancelled the other two. This company is unreliable and untruthful. Their people have scripted answers which are untruthful.

I will be cancelling my service with them, which causes me a problem. I'm newly on Medicare, and only have until Dec 7 to sign up with a new Pharmacy!

I will be filing a complaint with AARP United, and the Food and Drug Administration, although it probable won't do any good.

Largo, Florida, United States #749999

smart person learns from the experience of others, *** from his own.

everything tells me to stay away from optum Rx


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Commack, New York, United States #746879

United Healtcare just changed from Express Scripts to OptumRX.Optum RX is so horribly incompetent that I an dropping United Health Care.

Optum has been unable to fill just about any prescription without a minimum of 3 hours of phone calls over the course of 5 days.

They also can never charge the right price, and almost billed me $2,000 for what should have been $75.I revoked authorization of my credit card.


I just had to start using OptumRx because of my insurance Co. I had MEDCO before and wasn't in love but I dealt. Optum has to be some kind of sick joke. Someone is sitting up nights dreaming up how to make it all worse..they're creative.

When everything changed on October 1, 2013 my prescriptions were to transfer over. Surprise! None of them transferred. I've spent the entire month of October, and up until yesterday getting things straightened out. I hear you all about the pain meds. I take a big gun one and a smaller gun. The big gun they never say a word about. The other one, Lyrica, you'd think it was heroin. Optum had the nerve to tell me I HAD to get my Lyrica through Optum mail order because of cost savings. AND that the State of Florida requires this....they also say my prescription cannot be sent in electronically; it's against the law. WTH? :x

I said that's ***...If cost savings were the issue, I have a narcolepsy med that is 4x the price of Lyrica, and they don't force me to use mail order.

I have managed to be able to fill all my prescriptions but 1 at my retail pharmacy. Optum isn't going to tell you this, but ask. With some , you do have the right to get the medicine at your local pharmacy like Walgreens or CVS. Ask. Insist..I did. They didn't want to tell me I had this right.

No doubt, they suck rocks; hard.


So true.Optum just refused a medication this disabled lady has taken for 20 years and can't remove it from their database so it looks like I received it.

Another Pissed off So Floridian.

BTW 20 different answers for 10 calls.Disqusted........


If you want to see how much they care, note that their "contact us" web page lists the phone number for "Customer Service, Mail Order Pharmacy" as 000-000-0000

Hackensack, New Jersey, United States #724656

I agree, it is the worst company that I ever knew, so far not a single time they were able to fill a prescription without messing up somehow. Their web site is full of broken links. For the past 6 months they are working "to fix the problem", their IT department is full of incompetent tech incapable of maintaining a web site working properly.

What good is a Company now days if they can maintain their website?

Seem that they forget that they are working with medicines that sick people need instead of potatoes .


Detroit, Michigan, United States #714840

They don't.Care about the customer health.they havfilling my prescription long but because of the pain meds I'm on ,they had DR.

Try to.change it.I have medical problem that give chronic pain and only going to get worst.And what I'm taking is only making it tolarble,which is fine with me,I have had strong meds did do well and when they start adding this coating to them it sent me to the hospital ,because a thick gel from the coat was in my intestine and throat it wasn't breaking down in my body.everyone body is diffrent every body is not trying to get high just live with alittle less pain.they are not going to stop people from getting high, they find somethingelse to use and you may be push some people who really need the pain meds right out there to the streets .

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