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I use specialty medicines that are extremely expensive and suffer if I miss any. The customer service reps say they have charged my card and then I get all sorts of emails saying that my medicine has been delayed and I should contact my doctor for free samples.

The emails do not say why it has been delayed, they only say that I can expect to receive it in 7 to 19 days when it is really being held hostage till you already paid is paid!! You cannot view your account balance online, you cannot pay your balance online. So you call again and tell them to charge your account. Do they do it?

Nope! You never find out until a week later when the phone calls start. Do they leave a message? Nope, just you need to call us.

It usually takes about three phone calls and don't be honest with them! If you tell them what you think of the company they make excuses why they can't help you. One operator even asked my what I expected her to do about it.

We are held hostage with this by our insurance companies. Their motto-if we let them die we won't have to deal with the anymore.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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