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I've had all kinds of problems getting a critical prescription refilled. The first time I was told it would take 10 days for them to get it to me. Since that was not an option, I kicked and screamed until I was finally told they could do an override if I wanted to pick it up at a local pharmacy. I was told to go ahead and go to the pharmacy, and have them process the refill. The order would be rejected, they said, but I could then give them a phone number to call to process the override. I immediately went to the pharmacy, and the order was indeed rejected, but when the pharmacist tried to call for the override, that department was already closed for the weekend. I wound up having to pay out of pocket for enough pills to get me by for the 10 days. The very next day, my order arrived in the mail :(

I was anxious to avoid having to jump through the flaming hoops again, so I called them to see what I could do to make sure the next refill went smoothly. They told me I could set up auto-refill, and my meds would be sent to me every month with me having to order them. So then next month I waited and waited, ran out of my meds, and still no shipment. When I called to complain, I was told that my prescription did not qualify for auto-refill. Again thrown into scramble mode, I had to make several more calls before I could finally pick up my meds at the local pharmacy.

This last month I had almost run out before I realized it, and I knew I would have to go through *** again to get my refill. But this time I was told they could ship it sooner. It was too late for a next day option, but they said I would get them the day after that. That day came and went, and no meds. I called to tell them I wanted to start filling the prescription on my own but was told that was not an option through my insurance. I could only get it filled through Optum. The same rep that told me that also told me that I could get next day shipping any time I wanted for an extra $12.95. I was shocked that I was never told about that. By that time I had been out for several days and did not want to skip another day, so I begged and pleaded for them to allow me to use another "override" so I could just pick them up at my local pharmacy. I was told at that time that there was nothing they could do. I went to my pharmacy anyway, and explained the situation to them. It took them almost an hour on the phone with Optum, but somehow they were able to get the override, even when Optum told me that was not possible.

I could really go on and on about this. During every phone call I ever made to Optum, I explained how critical the medicine is and how skipping even one day is highly discouraged. Not once did I ever get the feeling that they understood or even cared.

Compare that level of service to Caremark, who I had been able to use before my insurance forced me into OptumRx's hands. CareMark would call me when they knew I was almost due for a refill. Not just one call, but a call at least once or twice a day until they reached me personally and could verify that I wanted them shipped. Those people not only cared, but went out of their way to make sure I didn't forget to get my refill processed. Now with Optum, I know I need to be extremely proactive, and stay on top of them until I get my refill. I seriously have no trust in them. I don't know who runs the show there, but they seem clueless and extremely unorganized. All I can say is if you are forced to deal with them as I have been, good luck. Don't assume they mean what they say or say what they mean. I don't think anybody there really knows what is going on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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