I have been prescribed ritalin for the past 26 years. I have never had a pharmaceutical insurance company require my doctor call in a pre-authorization for a medication on top of writing the prescription out.

My doctor called in Janurary for the "pre-autohorization" and I filled the prescription after a week of waiting for Optum RX to enter it into their system and approve it. Now I have the same prescription a few moths later and they are requiring my doctor call in again for the same prescription. Is my doctor going to have to call in every time he writes me a prescription? I get the feeling they are trying to delay coverage to save money since I can only fill this prescription every 30 days and so far I have been delayed 15 days thus far because of their ridiculous requirements and it is only the beginning of the year.

Please United Health Care--go back to teaming up with Medco instead of Optum RX for pharm benefits. Optum RX is incompetent!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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