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Absolutley the worst company ever. Makes Express Scripts look like a messiah.

I am actually shocked at how poorly run and managed this company is. I have been unable to log into the website since they became our prescription service, I have no way to know what they fill and don’t. They tell me they are going to rush my perscription, because without warning they didn’t autofill for me, and I had been so routinely used to the prior company being on time, I didn’t notice until the last minute. They said they could rush the script in 10 days.

I said no thanks. Went to a local pharmacy, they could not get Optumrx to transfer the script. Got dr to auth 10 day supply out of insurance $300. Had to make dr appointment and travel into nyc..

another 10 day wait, new script sent to local pharmacy. 3 days later I have my script. NEVER again will I order from OptumRX. This is intentional in my opinion, to “save money” by not fillings scripts timely, and not investing in a proper website.

The customer service uses the lowest class people who can barely speak English. I want to give people work, but these attitude of customer service isn’t fit to collect carts at a grocery store let alone make minimum wage picking up my phone call. I hipe this company goes under. I hate all of pur health insurance in the USA.

Bunch of greedy rude lowlifes sucking money out of our pockets! I hope these private companies one day are so regulated they cant make a dollar without bowing down and saying thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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QUOTE : " I didn’t notice " .... there's the source of your problem : YOU.

Not the company, not the employee, not the system - YOU. Your lack of planning does not necessarily translate into someone else's emergency.

Be a Boy Scout - Be Prepared. And stop complaining about other peoples' English grammar ; yours isn't very good, either.

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