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cannot tell you strongly enough how inept this company is. Had prescription solutions for years and now this company. Am 70 year old hear patient who had a heart attack two years ago. Had a stress test and saw my cardiologist who prescribed three meds sent to optum rx. STILL WAITING!!!!!!! called yesterday the 17th of June> oh by the way saw my doc on June 5th. Told me had to wait at least 4 more days for it to be looked at. Needless to say I lost it on the phone with whoever was that I was speaking to and, of course, I asked for a supervisor. To no avail, I was told person would call back and, yes, no call back. Called United Healthcare who said they would call while I was on hold and then when the girl I was speaking to got back on phone some 10 minutes later proceeded to tell me the same thing the other from Optum got finished telling me a half hour before. Thought I was going back to hospital with another attack. After I screamed for a manager from United, who I didn't have the privilege of speaking to, I was told now there was a co-pay issue of which this company has my card on file. But I guess no one smart enough to look at file to find that out. Well I am supposed to receive my meds within 48 hours but I will let you all know if that really happens. Until then, for God sake, don't use this company!!!

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