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I've been trying to get a Rx filled since 6/13/18! Needed to initially get it pre-auth...

From the beginning, UHC sucks! But trying to get basic info is like hitting a brick wall! Have ANY if their Reps been trained? customer service... letting the customer get in why she called w/o having to hear them saying "ty good bye"...

I've called OptumRx EVERY day since 6/13 just to be told that basically it's "my fault or my Dr's ofc fault" that's why I have to wait who knows how much longer, to get this Rx pre-approved & filled! I'm so frustrated.... I haven't slept more than 2-4 hrs a nite since all this started!! Ugh!

The call I just made about 15 mins ago, I've been instructed to call my Dr's ofc AGAIN to have them call to let OptumRx that it's "urgent"?!

Well, the fax Dr sent to them has the words "Expedite/Urgent" on it! Can ANY of these "Customer SVC reps" read?!?!

I'm at the end of what rope u have left!

I've NEVER had any problems w/any of the Ins I've ever had! This, by far, is gonna be a VERY LONG YR!!!!

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