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The nightmare began when my husband lost his job on December 15th, 2015. I was under the impression that our current health policy would continue through the end of December. I was wrong about that. I placed an order for my son's extremely expensive growth hormone. It of course was not covered as my policy had ended. In no way do I blame the pharmacy for my insurance coverage being dropped. My complaint is about how they handled everything afterwards.

Had I known at the time that my order would not be covered, I would have cancelled the order. But Optum gave me no notification at all. First mistake. At the time, I also had coverage in a prive assistance program run by the drug company. They would have picked up the bill. Optum assumed that they wouldn't, since I didn't have insurance. I guess many companies will not. But they didn't even check. They billed it to cash, and sent a paper bill two months later. Second wrongdoing was not even checking into the assistance program. I had a pharmacy benefits card with an ID number, group number, and bin number just like regular insurance. They had it on file and could have attempted to run it through. That's the problem -- they didn't bother to try. W

When I got the paper bill in April, several months later, I contacted the assistance program. They said they would be happy to cover it. They just need a detailed claim that included the date of service, medication, name, and patient ID info. The bill they sent only included the account number and balance on the account. I called Optum to have them send the claim/invoice that the program needs but they outright refused. They claim they never do invoices. What a load of crock. What sort of *** business doesn't send out invoices? This is a very shady, corrupt company. I call BS on their practices.

The bottom line is that without the invoice/claim info that the private drug program needs, they will be unable to pay the bill. Then I will be expected to come up with over $1800.00. Yeah. Because people have that kind of cash lying around. Never do business with Optum RX, or their partner United Health Care if you can avoid it.

The only thing needed is for them to send a manual/paper invoice/claim. How hard can that be? Swindlers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Please send a detailed claim/invoice that includes the date of service, drug name, and patient information..

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