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OPTUM RX IS PRACTICE MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE, BREACHING THEIR CONTRACT BY WAY OF BAIT AND SWITCH, AND CAUSING SEVERE PAIN AND SUFFERING BY UNESSESARY HOLD-UPS IN THEIR PRIOR AUTHORIZATION DEPT. They are denying medications previously covered, stating they are no longer in their formulary, then changing the terms of the agreement without prior notice, holding up medications in their prior authorization department by requesting a second prior authorization on an already approved medication that they have requested the patient switch to.

Then when the local pharmacy calls on the status of the second prior authorization of the medication, they blame the doctor or the local pharmacy for medication held up in the Optum RX prior authorization department. We pay over $1300 per month for United Healthcare insurance with Optum RX for our prescriptions. They have denied necessary procedures and surgery, that we have to pay full price out of pocket for, but now they want us to pay full price for our medications that were once covered. Unethical tactics, misinformation, misplaced blame to the doctors or local pharmacy and unwarranted denials are standard practice and should no longer be tolerated!!

Rather than wait for someone to die at the hands of this horrible company there needs to be a class action lawsuit! Optum RX prior authorization department has gone way too far in their unfair practice and breach of contract by holding up desperately needed medications on the day it is due, leaving the patient suffering. They have decided to deny the medication (they requested the patient switch to, then requested a prior authorization from the doctor) then when the patient goes to fill the prescription on the day it is due, it is then denied because a demand for a second prior authorization they call "Morphine equivalent dose" needs to be done by the doctor's office. This, without warning to the doctor or patient.

When United Health is called, and after being transferred and on hold for 45 mins, not one person had the same answer as to what this second prior authorization was for. They confuse the issue, blame the doctor for not doing the prior authorization,(until a letter of proof to the first prior authorization was read). Then after being transferred again, and going through the whole thing all over again, they blamed the delay again on the doctor saying they did not prescribe the correct dosing when that was not the case. Then after numerous calls to United Health, the Pharmacy, the doctor's office, the prior authorization department, 3 days after the medication was due, Optum Rx states the holdup is because the doctor did not put URGENT on the request?

This is now the excuse for this whole mess? When the doctor made several calls and it was stated it was urgent, not only by way of the medication and the fact that the patient is 4 days late but, the fact that the patient, doctor, and the pharmacist, stated it was URGENT! Then after another round of phone calls to Optum Rx all the representative could say was the doctor did not write that it was URGENT, So in order to speed the request, the doctor should have made the request for the prior authorization to be urgent! Knowing the patient is without medication, they gave no alternative, and would not fill the prior medication either.

They also would not do an emergency override on this particular medication to get a 5 day supply, so nothing is done by them!! The brilliant solution the representative could come up with, was to go to the hospital, (wait in the waiting room for 8-9+ hours), to ask and ER doctor to write a prescription for the pain medication (with no guarantee of getting one), and then pay out of pocket for that medication, how absurd is that??? WHAT DO WE HAVE INSURANCE FOR? On Day 5 I called the pharmacy and they were told my prescription will be ready from the prior auth department today.

After waiting all day nothing happened so I called the doctor again, told them I am in pain, and now much unnecessary anxiety waited for her to call the prior authorization department to put urgent on it again. She stated the order was then put on urgent status and will take another 72 hours or more!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Have them investigated, not allow them to hold orders that have already been prior authorized and cover the prior medication while they take their time waiting to authorize the other medication. They cannot keep people in pain, play dr, withold med..

I didn't like: Treatment and lack of solution.

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All the complaints on this site are true... I have had the same experience every year when filling my two year old daughter’s Nexium prescription..

After one year the authorization expires per Optimims policies and you have to get jerked around for a month to get the Rx again. If your lucky...This year... round two with these jerk offs... I have called them four times a day for the past week...Yes...For Nexium 10mg packets..Reflux medication..Once the whole process kicks off my doc sends in the form via fax...

they claim they never received it (lies, I have record of it) then they force the doc to call a 1800 number and state its urgent... Then Two days later OptimumRx blames the doctors for not stating Urgent on prior auth.. Another lie I was standing next to doctor when he called...Then it goes to the wizard of Oz for up to 15 days(their so called approval pharmacist) . Finally, one week later (10 days total) they say it’s approved and you go to pharmacy to find out they lied..

Called Optimim back and they said the lead I spoke wasn’t correct and entered the wrong date for approval (10 days prior) so it’s invalaid and back in the wizard of ozs queue...OptumRx is a bunch of crooks and *** They hurt innocent people men women and children... Dirtbags....Unfortunately, I am forced to use these crooks because of my company’s health insurance ( Fortune 500 company).


UNC needs to clean up both their website and practices


I smell CORRUPTION! Do not believe the good reviews about the Parmacy for the OPTUM RX company!

I was harassed by mail from Optus RX to get my 90-day prescriptions from them because I would not have pay a copay! So, I gave in and had my scripts mailed! Let me tell you all - I received my scripts that sat in my mailbox for hours and sometimes a day or two in 100-degree weather. I started to take my meds from OPTUM RX AND I was SICK every day after taking them!

I told my doctor about the change and my DOCTOR told me it was from the FILLERS in the meds and to back to buying the prescriptions from Walgreens, SO, after receiving my meds three different times from OPTUM RX, I noticed that each of the same med was from a different manufacturer!!!!! So, I called the OPTUM RX PHARMACY DEPARTMENT and I spoke with an employee. I asked why when they send me my meds are they always from different manufacturers! The employee said YES!

When I asked why I was told it is because they buy from the manufacturer that is the cheapest at the time they are filling my scripts! God only knows what kind of fillers are in the meds and where my meds are really coming from!!!! If they are coming from China, God knows what fillers are in them! Just like the dog and cat food from China that killed all the animals!!

There are employees who work for OPTUM RX that could very well know if there is unhealthy fillers being put in our meds and if so they need to come forward and be the whistblower to stop people from being ill or possibly dying from some unhealthy ingredients in the meds!!!! Since I stopped getting that med from OPTUM RX and now get them from WALGREENS, which by the way is from Walgreens is from the same manufacturer each month, I have NOT been SICK everyday day! So word of caution - DO NOT GET YOUR MEDS FROM OPTUM RX! Like someone else said on the reviews for OPTUM RX the people who are stating the company is great - DO NOT believe it!

Getting meds from the cheapest manufacturer is very fishy to me, especially when I got SICK EVERY DAYI I am sure someone who works for them must know there is some type of corruption going on, but probably is afraid to come forward to help save people from getting ill or possibly even dying from the fillers!!! If they came forward, they may have a lit of people like me who would support them, THANK GOD MY DOCTOR KNEW WHY I WAS SICK SINCE CHANGING TO OPTUM RX! PROOF IS - I HAVE NOT BEEN SICK SINCE GETTING MY MEDS FROM WALGREENS WHO USE THE SAME MANUFACTURER EVERY MONTH!



My doctor is not going to jump through hoops so I can continue to get the meds I have been on for the past five years or more. If I gain weight and become diabetic because I have been denied medication,, I will sue. Next, your not doctors and shouldnt be practicing medicine without a license.


Same here. They refused to fill my morphine & Dilaudid.

Didn't tell me, my adjustor who approved to be filled. They demanded to speak with my pmd. They called & all the pharmacist"Stephanie" sd refuse to fill my narcotics while I'm out dying in pain.

Attorneys need to step up and sue them. Even refused to give info y to OOWC-LA .


I have had almost every problem with Optum RX that has been posted in this thread. I too would like to actively pursue a class action lawsuit against them!!! How do we get this initiated???

to Melissa Jiles #1476791

This is the most incompetent company that I have ever had to deal with.

to Melissa Jiles #1537745

Count me in. I am doing research now on this company.

to Melissa Jiles #1538758

Contact an Elder Law attorney


Identical experience for my wife! Went for refill of long supported drug, usually$10.

Pharmacy said no refill unless over$1000 Cash.

Guess she'll have to suffer debilitating nausea until we get that Class action going... I cant find a lawyer and her SS Disability can't cover the Grand with other denied medications...

to Al Hough #1538845

Try an Elder attorney.


Well now I'm even more worried. We are being forced by Optum rx to do mail order on maintenance medications.

It used to be optional. Ihave to switch to some kind of other drug besides invokana or pay $75 foe 30 day supply or $190 for 90 days . I use a coupon card from Astozenika ( i know i mis spelled that) and get it for free! It has to go thru a insurance company though to use the card and Optum does not accept those!

WHAT? Same with another med that they give me a $100 off the cost of it, I only pay $14 for it. Not any more! They don't honor discount cards or coupons from the drug companies.

So if I want the meds that work for me i'll have to pay what they charge or pay full price, omg! what fresh *** is this? They even gave the pharmacist the old transfer to five people then hang up on him.

And they couldnt even set up my login to get my mail order started!

I've been without my generic nexium for a few days now and I'm miserable. This is unbelievable.

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1298530

I am having the same problem with this pathetic so called pharmacy! I will be out of medication in 6 days and no word on my prescription, after getting "prior authorization" I will NOT be using this service again.

to Anonymous #1537746

My prescriptions are filled through CVS and I am still having difficulty in getting Rxs filled or refilled.

Bath, Ohio, United States #1276226

OMG...I could have written this post myself! Very well said, and it's the worst mail-away pharmacy I have ever had to deal with!

I have a file that keeps getting bigger by the day due to them not knowing how to fill, dispense, quote correct pricing, nor delivery in a timely manner.

My son was without his meds for 3 weeks with all the hold-ups, mess-ups and delays!!!!!!! They should NOT be in business!

Mesa, Arizona, United States #1268557

There are many peple who would like to start a class action lawsuit, Wherer do we start, Who would like to be involved in this lawsuit against Optum RX. The unethical delays of necessary medicine deniying medications previously covered, possibly purchasing fake, dangerous medications from china and practicing medicine without a license!

Their goal to make the patient so despirate they just pay out of pocket, or go to the streets!! The DEA also needs to be dissolved, they are doing more harm than good, and need to stop going after the easy targets such as the lagitamate doctors!!

to Anonymous #1473111

Yes big time

Mesa, Arizona, United States #1268552

Here are some more pissed customers;

United Healthcare Contacts & Information

Posted: Jan 11, 2016 by wanda ray

Rx coverage. Changed plan without asking me.

Can't get meds

Complaint Rating:

January 1, 2016 Member ID: 91643759000 Wanda Ray. BD 07/21/1954 Phone: 843-906-4465 United Health Care changed my policy without asking me. When it was time to refill my pain medicine was told the medicine wasn't on the list. I spoke to about six people to try to resolve this problem.

Was on the phone for hours and hours without resolution. Told me to have doctor fill out appeal so I could get medicine. I talked to doctor two times and they faxed the into to UHC. My doctor has thousands of patients I am sure.

Arguing with an insurance co, is probably not on his agenda. He wrote the RX. That is what I should be able to get. Then got a voice mail that request was denied., So I called Optum Rx spoke to more people who told me to call UHC.

Called them again and was told to call my doctor tomorrow and have him call and say I had to have this medicine. But appeals take at least 72 hrs. I need my medicine tomorrow. This company changed my plan, increased my premium and wont cover meds that I have been taking for years.

Oxymorphone 10mg. I have had 5 back surgeries, have diabetes and severe pain and neuropathy. If I don't have my pain meds I cant even walk. Was told to appeal and wait.

What do I do in the mean time? Go to hospital or suffer. This is so unacceptable. This company is messing with peoples lives.

So corrupt. I plan to get in touch with the insurance commissioner and anyone else that will listen to me. How is this helping the patient? 18th of Aug, 2015 by marshall leaf 0 Votes I have AARP Medicare RX plan and today 08/18/2015, I have received several calls from Optum Rx to call back and refer to a reference number for info.

So I called; A script for voltaren gel, a topical pain reliever I use can no longer be shipped from Optum Rx. After 3 phone calls I get a pharmacists who tells me its because its a flammable product?? But they could transfer that RX to a Walgreens or CVS and get it their at retail prices.?? Next I called their Help Line, felt more like Helpless Line, Sorry couldn't resist, I find out that the problem is OPTUM RX does not have a license to ship flammable products, really, are you serious, ??

It's a packaging solution, I think its a smoke screen to save money. Btw, no pre notice, Consumer affairs kelly of Waverly, GA on Dec. 28, 2016 Satisfaction Rating I have tried to use OptumRx to save time and money says insurance company and OptumRx after 25 letters for my business. I am a disabled veteran with cancer and a missing limb from a brown recluse spider ***.

I have been charged for expedited delivery of life threatening meds and never received. I have had pharmacist needing to speak to Dr and hold my meds without contacting me of a problem after calling 10 days in a row. You get a different answer or LIE each call. It now has cost me a hospital visit because the meds I have taken since 1993 causes seizures and I was out for 10 days.

I think this place needs to be shut down, United Healthcare is my next contact since this was a promotion from them. I could have gone to local pharmacy and received my meds same day if I weren't totally disabled in a wheelchair. My wife has to *** work to be here to sign for meds if they do come. My cousin is a Judge in Brunswick, Georgia and I will be consulting him about this after reading the reviews online.

People can die from this company's lacks and nonconcerns for the patients. I ordered and was charged easy 22nd express delivery. It is now Dec 28th. I actually have a email with UPS tracking number and UPS says they have no package.

UPS is concerned because it was due at latest to be delivered today. OptumRx says package was sent out yesterday. LIARS!!! UPS is always on time and can track to the truck your package.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. YOU COULD DIE WAITING ON YOUR MEDICATION. First month smooth, last month ***. This month they cut my meds.

35 tabs to fill and I still do not have it. THREE strikes and you are OUT!!! They used to by Prescription solutions 11th of Oct, 2012 by J Culbe 0 Votes I have MANY MANY issues with Prescription Solutions/Optum RX. First, every time you call and speak with a Representative, YOU GET A DIFFERENT STORY FROM EACH ONE.

Second, THE INFORMATION THEY HAVE ON YOUR WEBSITE ACCOUNT IS NEVER ACCURATE! Right now I'm waiting on 3 prescriptions that were mailed overnight mail to Optum RX on 10-04-12. Received by them on 10-05-12. They overnight mailed 1 prescription to me on 10-09-12.

However, on the website right now it states that the other 3 scripts WERE RECEIVED BY THEM ON 10-09-12, SHIPPED ON 10-09-12 AND THAT THE ORDER IS STILL IN PROCESSING! This is not the first time that they have completely OUT AND OUT LIED on the website nor is this the first time they lied about the shipment date. On Monday 10-08-12 I telephoned and spoke with "charles" who stated that the order was being shipped out overnight mail and would I like the Tracking Number? I stated yes and he gave me the tracking number.


Katie of Eastlake, CO on Dec. 27, 2016 I have been prescribed a medication that has to go through a "specialty pharmacy". This is the first joke. There is nothing special about them.

My doctor/office staff has to jump through multiple hoops every time they screw up my order, not to mention I end up hospitalized every time they FAIL to get me my medication so instead of paying what should be a small copay I have thousands of dollars in medical debt for multiple hospitalizations. The second joke is that communication between the departments of this "specialty pharmacy". One person tells you one thing and then the next time you call back (which you aren't supposed to have had to do) you get told something completely different. I do not understand how this can be so difficult.

You are a pharmaceutical company, you should be able to make a system that gets the patient the medication they need without bending over backwards. I am a younger person who understands most of the ins and outs of the system, I can't imagine being elderly or disabled and trying to get this worked out. Thank you OptumRx for screwing up so many lives if this review board is any indication of how many of us there are out there. Holly of Dunwoody, GA on Dec.

27, 2016 Satisfaction Rating I filled my prescription this morning and was surprised to find that the cost was twice the amount I was charged previously. My pharmacist looked at her records and saw that she ran the prescription the exact same way, and the previous fill was indeed half the amount I was charged today. I called OptumRX, and they were unable to help me. They informed me that I was given two grace fills at their mail order rate, and after that point, I needed to switch to either their mail order service or to CVS.

I have seen no paperwork to indicate this was part of our plan. The customer service rep said she couldn’t provide any information about the plan, and I would need to speak to my company's benefits team. Prior to filling at my usual pharmacy, I made sure that the pharmacy was in network and the estimated price from their online tool said the cost would be the lower amount because the prescription was a preferred brand. In response, the OptumRX customer service rep informed me that there are fluctuations in prescription prices.

A 100% price difference is unacceptable. Furthermore, I am hesitant to opt into their mail order service due to the experiences of several of my colleagues, whose prescriptions did not arrive for months. OptumRX customer service explained that every prescription is different and I shouldn’t rely on the stories of my colleagues before making a decision. Karen of Tampa, FL on Dec.

20, 2016 This is the most incompetent group of people I've ever met. If anyone ever starts a class action suit against this company and now their new name BriovaRX I will gladly participate! If they haven't yet I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they kill someone. I've been trying to get medication now for two weeks which they don't seem to be capable to put in an envelope and mail out!

Karen of Evergreen, CO on Dec. 17, 2016 I renewed online. The medication went to the wrong address. I called and was told it would be corrected and the medication sent.

I did not receive medication, but did receive 8 letters stating the medication could not be sent because I requested it too soon. I explained that I never received any medication. Nothing mattered. They stonewalled consistently and told me I would have to refill at a local pharmacy because I refilled online.

This company should be out of business! Jack of Tacoma, WA on Dec. 17, 2016 Satisfaction Rating Seems to me like a long running scam based on my experience and opinion. These people send medication, sometimes the wrong medication and make it very difficult to get a refund.

It took 3 weeks and multiple hours of follow-ups on the phone with these people to get my money back. They claim they can't email you or put anything in writing because they don't have email. LIARS! Only got my refund because I told them I would be leaving a negative review online, on top of filling complaints with the AG's office and BBB.

STAY AWAY!!! Jamie of Bayonne, NJ on Dec. 17, 2016 Satisfaction Rating Signed up for OptumRx prescription services through United Healthcare. In 11/2016, signed up, place an order, my doctor sent the Rx and the Rx never showed up.

Once I called, they said they never got my doctor's order. Once I called back, my doctor showed proof he did and resent the Rx to OptumRx anyway. OptumRx failed to tell me that they did not get the doctor order and I was unaware. I tried a second time in 12/2016 thinking it was a miscommunication and happened once again.

Now I have been 1 week without medication waiting for it to arrive, to just find out that it is not coming. Sue of Maple Hts, OH on Dec. 14, 2016 Satisfaction Rating The state of Ohio went with Optum Rx to administer prescription meds for the employees of the state and their families. Through Optum Rx I have to use Briova Pharmacy for a prescription that has to be mail ordered from a specialty pharmacy.

Every few months Optum refuses to fill my prescription and insists that I get prior authorization for the meds I have taken for several years now. The ONLY meds that help and don't make me sick when I take them. They NEVER send a reminder that I will need a new authorization soon, they just simply refuse to fill it. Then I call and call and try to get my doctor's office to communicate with Optum, and vice versa.

Usually I end up missing a week or more of medication because it is so difficult to get the two coordinated. And I end up getting excuses and rude customer service employees, when I get any response at all. I have to try to make these calls from work, where I have absolutely no place to make private phone calls unless I stand outside the office--ok in summer but not so ok in the winter. I am so sick of this hassle every single time.

Bill of Dubois, PA on Dec. 13, 2016 Satisfaction Rating Dec 7, 2016 (Wed) I had a right knee total replacement. Dec 9 I was discharged in the afternoon. I had to travel for an hour and half to get home.

Arrived approx 4 pm. My discharge papers included 4 scripts. My wife drove into Walmart pharmacy in DuBois, PA. Approximately 7 miles with scripts in hand from doctor.

Walmart told her my prescription plan would not approve 2 of the 4. These two were pain meds. The insurance company needed to talk to doctor. It is past 5 pm on Friday, doctors office (60 miles away) is closed.

Walmart told my wife it'll have to wait till Monday morning. Meanwhile I am a person who just had their leg opened up and filled with plastic parts. I was supposed to make it to Monday with no pain meds. I would like to let them try that.

Upon getting home my wife spent over an hour and half to no avail with OptumRx rep. She went back into Walmart and had to charge (pay list price) so I could get pain meds. It is now Tues (12/13) and I get a letter, actually 2 letters (form) from OptumRx regarding the two drugs saying they have to talk to my doctor and can't get a hold of him and that I may have to also. It is University Orthopedic Center, State College, Pa.

A reputable business that can be worked with no issues. Can't understand why they can't get a hold of them. Also stated in letter if OptumRx is not contacted within 14 days (from last Friday 12/9) they will deny claim. I am 70 years old and have paid my Rx premiums faithfully ($37) for 3 years.

I get their statements monthly saying Medicare paid such, I paid a copay of such and my plan paid nothing. Now when I need my plan they shut me down on a Friday afternoon in tremendous pain telling me I have to wait till Monday and threaten to decline case in a week if they don't talk with my doctor. What am I paying for? What the *** good are they?

K. C. of Scottsdale, AZ on Dec. 13, 2016 Satisfaction Rating I take several medications that help me remain alive.

My 90 day mail order benefit switched to OptumRx July 1st, 2016 and I have had nothing but problems since. Although I have paid insurance that is active and inforce, OptumRx was responsible for me running out of life saving medication for over two weeks. Everyone I spoke to expressed how sorry they were, yet no one could fix the problems. I talked to 27 OptumRx Lead Supervisors, Managers and even the office of the President over 21 days trying to resolve numerous errors with OptumRX.

Their right hand does not know what their left hand is doing. Between OptumRx, their Specialty Formulary, and their Catamaran mail order service they send you back and forth over and over again as they delay the medications you need and ignore your requests expressing how very sorry for your inconvenience they are. If you have this company providing your medications, I am so very, very sorry. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with in over 50 years!

Frank of Farmington, CT on Dec. 12, 2016 My pills do not look the same. Color and size are different. Did some checking, what I am receiving comes from companies in China and India that the FDA is repeatedly sending warning letters summarizing significant deviations from current good manufacturing practice.

LISA of Ft Lauderdale, FL on Dec. 9, 2016 Satisfaction Rating This company is the worst. After 2 months, 30 hours and 45 people later no one can inform me how to handle compound drugs that need a prior authorization with pharmacies that do not bill through insurance. I have spoken to reps, lead people, supervisors, left message for managers - no one calls me back.

I have been tossed around a million times, I have ran out of my medicine waiting for this company to get back to me, or complete the prior authorization. Still no direct, no answer - nothing! cynthia of Wilmington, Nc, NC on Dec. 5, 2016 Satisfaction Rating I rely on drugs to keep me alive.

I am a 70 year old person. I called to have my prescriptions filled and requested expedited delivery. It is 10 days since I placed the order and I don't have the drugs. When I call the only thing they seemed interested in is lying to me.

They told me they sent the drugs out again overnight. That never happened. They tell me whatever they think will satisfy me just to get me off the phone. I told one person I could die without my medication and she laughed and said - "no you won't." If you are reading this review because you are thinking about using them - please don't.

They are the worst company in the world. Shirley of Torrance, CA on Dec. 3, 2016 Satisfaction Rating Every time I deal with them, I end up frustrated and angry. I use them to fill my mother's prescriptions and this last encounter is typical.

I called and asked for 30-day supply of 3 medications as she is currently in the Medicare Gap and we didn't want to pay the exorbitant prices for 90 days. 2 of these had refills on them, and 1 needed a renewal. I asked them to ship the 2 drugs, and when the new prescription came in to fill the third one for 30 days, it took 45 minutes on the phone and she still totally screwed the order. She ordered drugs that my mother no longer takes, wiped out the 2 refills so the medications she does need are not available for refill for another 30 days.

When I called back, they told me I should get a prescription from her doctor and take it to a local pharmacy to fill since they have a hold on refilling her prescriptions. Additionally it took another 45 minutes to an hour to try and get it straight and it still doesn't look like they got it right. I asked them to make sure they cancelled an order, but when I go online, it is still there. If they send me this drug on this order, it will cost several hundred dollars as we don't want it filled until the new year when she is out of the Medicare Gap.

Emma of Colorado Springs, CO on Nov. 30, 2016 I would give a ZERO star if that option were available. Recently, they denied my much-needed medication for hypertension, recommending that my healthcare provider switch me to **, which adversely affects the kidneys. I present with Chronic Kidney Disease and even though they were informed, they refuse to reverse their decision.

So, I have been without my hypertensive medication for over a week and I am not supposed to miss a dose. Again, they were informed and still do not care. It's obvious they are trying to force me onto a medication that will cause further damage to my kidneys and which could lead to my death. I've been experiencing headaches and wooziness.

Heather of Fostoria, OH on Nov. 29, 2016 Satisfaction Rating I have been treated like an ATM. Every medication that has any cost to it has been up for prior Auth more than once a year, although they say it's yearly. It's an attempt to get doctor and patient to stop using that drug.

I'm disabled, and this is the second time in as many months that they've done me harm. I have been without my pain medication while waiting for a prior Auth to be approved. Same med I've been on for years, and this was done 6 months ago. Heinz of Puyallup, WA on Nov.

23, 2016 Satisfaction Rating ** versions issue. There are 4-5 different packaging and/or potencies of this medication. In transferring from Walgreens ($24 for 90 days), I was expecting a fill for no charge, as was indicated on their come-be-with-us note to me. They instead chose the version of the drug that would cost me more than $200 for a 90-day fill.

So I called. This is the problem: Absolutely no acknowledgement of the existence of the older, way cheaper version of **. I demanded cancellation of the order, and that they cancel out the charge to my credit card. They agreed, and I will return to using Walgreens, where a pharmacist with a face, and subject knowledge will talk with me if/when there is an issue.

So tomorrow, to Walgreens to reinstate the Rx, and file a contention for the charge with the credit card. AARP and United Healthcare are not well served by this partnership. Cathy of Aurora, CO on Nov. 21, 2016 Satisfaction Rating I've had this plan for a year and have had nothing but problems getting 2 of my rx's filled!

I go thru a local pharmacy because I don't trust them! This last time it took 2 weeks in PA and then they denied it! Many phone calls, many hours spent for the dr office, pharmacy and myself wasted trying to get matters resolved! They don't pay attention to detail.

You can never speak with anyone that has authority and quite frankly I think the people who do make the decisions are on some power trip! I spend a lot of $$$ for my insurance! I'm still old school I guess believing my health is between me and my dr and the insurance should just be responsible for getting my needs taken care of! I see my dr every other month for my issues, and it has been long term.

I have never had the problems with any other insurance company like I've had with this one! I read all of these reviews which are all so similar to my situation. It just makes my blood pressure skyrocket! Why does the patient or the dr all of the sudden have no control over this?

I'm furious and feel helpless! If this is a sign of single payer healthcare and our government prying their way into our lives then I say no! It's time for some over state lines competition!

OPTUMRX you stink and I will never recommend United Healthcare to anyone!!! LAWSUITS AGAINS OPTUM RX http://www.consum

to Anonymous #1537749

I know someone who is investigating United HealthScrew for Medicare fraud. I have Medicaid, hopefully, a lawsuit will create an investigation for Medicaid fraud against United HealthScrew and Optum Rx.

to Anonymous #1540205

I was up to 4:30 this a.m. searching for information regarding both Optum Rx and United Healthscrew. I will post that in a few days.

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