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Unable to access information on site. For 5 weeks contacted Optum & numerous registration, talked to numerous people & many tickets to tech support without any fix or even a call back.

Site support is not there There people are like the commercial" I am just a monitor, I only report problems" and then the support people do nothing to resolve the issues. I have sent e-mails, filled out numerous contact forms and complained to at least 10 people about the issue. What is the use of a web site that can't access your information??

I had used another company before I had to change and never had any problems accessing information. It seems there are a lot of complaints about this company, why isent anything being done to correct problems?

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Web site problems.

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Optum stinks. They use people who are at home to do their business for them.

I called and talked to some lady who had a dog barking in the background. I hung up and called the company back.They don't know what they are doing half the time either.

This company stinks big-time especially if you do mail order prescriptions. They are all messed up.


Trying to access my account on OptumRX for over 3 weeks. Talked to customer service, United Health Care, AARP and tell all send me back to a tech who knows nothing about the site being down.

Finally one supervisor sent me to a tech who said it was a "known issue" and they are working diligently to get the site back up. I said I would contact my doctors to get new scripts and go to a local pharmacy. He said I was not allowed to do that. He said I could only use the recommended pharmacy which would be OptumRX.

After a few words I hung up on him. What is the issue and why is no one talking about this online or at Optum???

to Anonymous #1479568

You probably got a customer service rep who was home. That company uses people at home to do their business for them.

Be careful who you are talking to. Make sure you ask if they are talking to you from the company or from home.I got a rep who had a dog barking in the background and I hung up on her.

to Roberts #1484781

Doesn't mean they work from home....

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