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I am also a victim of Optumrx. Im on Adderall 60mg.they will only cover 30mg.I complied & tried Vyvanse, it was a horrible experience, put my life & others in danger.

They also gave me the run around.

They had already been covering the 60mg.for months then all of the sudden they denied me.Ive written other reviews exsplaining my situation. I wish we could all do something to make changes we all need to end this long nightmare before im broke & jobless.i need my Adderal to do my job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Adderall Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Cant you just take 2 30 mg pills

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1324529

I'm not understanding why there are different rules for you then me.They will cover 30mg.not 60mg of Adderall for me.Now there has been a $223.80 price hick from last month. What the freak is going on.I'm going to file a former complaint, after I send in my appeal letter,I'm sure they will deny me.I've already spoke to a company that will get on feed up

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1323333

I was on 25mg of Adderal twice a day and those *** gave me so many problems. My doctor had to call them 4 different times for one script.

They will not cover 25mg for whatever reason. Ended up my doc prescribed me one 20mg script and one 30mg script to jump through their *** hoops. The best is when they denied my pre authorization or quantity limit - I can't remember which since they do nothing but find ways NOT to cover anything. Anyow, their reason for denying my adderal once is because my psychiatrist not a "CHILD" psychiatrist.

I told had to call those idiots again and tell them "I am 46 years old. I am not a child. WHY would you require me to see a child psychiatrist?" Another time they denied them because the preauth from the doctor said MD and didn't spell out "psychiatrist".

They are by far the WORST company ever. I wonder how many people they have killed so far with the games they play?

to OptumRX Hater #1396655

I was once told that optum rx has an in house doc.who decides these things.when i was denied my 60 mg.genaric.I replied who arecthey to tell me what i need & dont need, they dont even know me.I've been going to the same doctor for 20 he knows me very well.Ive been recently told by optum my insurance does cover name brand Adderall.I told them i was doing great on 30 brand.she told me i wouldnt even need acp.auther.for name brand, i could even take more then 60mg.without needing pre auth.I'll find out for sure when i go to the pharmacy to fill next months script.I dont believe anything optum tells me.When i call i get different answers from different representatives when asking the same questions

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