1. Optumrx called my residence and spoke to my husand about my medication. Parmacy code of ethics mandates that a pharmacy cannot talk to anyone about your drugs without your authorization.

2. Optumrx lost my Vyvanse (controlled substance) and tried to blame it on my post office. USPS traaacking showed that the drug never left the Optumrx facility.

3. Optumrx pharmacists and employees lie, lie, lie. I have made 60+ calls to them and have never received the same response.

4. I have committed to do everything I can to shut them down. I have filed a complaint with the California dept. of pharmacy consumer affairs dept.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #900263

I am livid!! I had an order that was a 90 day supply for copays of total 112.00 so i gave my info and waiting so long without medication.

It finally arrived only it was a 30 day supply. My copay is normally 40.00 for a 30 day supply. They refuse to refund the extra. They said the doctor only approved 30 days and its the same for 30 or 90.

I said ***.

my insurance wasnt even charged. I paid 107 retail for one bottle of generic cymbalta.

Millsboro, Delaware, United States #768910

I am new to optum rx. I wished I had read these reviews before i signed with aarp medicare.

They use optum as there mail order pharmacy. I was told i could mail in my prescriptions before Jan 1 and they would not fill till Jan 1 when i became a member. They filled them 2 days ahead of time and then charged me $32.77 because I was not a member. The medication was metformin.

You can get a 90 day supply at most drug stores for $10 if you have no insurance and $0 dollars if you have insurance. They refuse to return my money till they have the medication back. I am waiting for this special package to mail it back in. Then they say they will return my money when they receive this medicine.

At that point they will then send my medication at proper price. I never heard of anything so ***. They said they cannot refund my money any other way. I dread to think of spending a whole year with them.

I changed from silver script who uses cvs caremark because their mail order was so bad only to find out I picked another bad one.

I have only 10 pills left and they told me before I send it back take out 10 pills, I will not open the package, I do not trust them, I would rather run out of medicine. I want my money back.

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