OptumRX; whom is contracted with United Health Care, which has denied the filling of my medication.

The Medication Brand-Dilaudid/Generic-Hydromorphone 8MG, 120 tablets is covered under my Medicare Part D plan.

The medication Hydromorphone 8MG has been successfully covered by my Insurance provider, and successfully processed and filled by OptumRx on 05/16/2014, 06/09/2014, and 07/07/2014.

On 08/08/2014 OptumRx Customer services representatives, and OptumRx Pharmacists that OptumRx Specialty Pharmacists is refusing to fill my medication due to:

“Recommendations of OptumRx is that the patient should change therapy to 20% Immediately Release medication, and 80% Extended Release medication. If the prescriber fails to change therapy, OptumRx will not dispense the medication, and the patient will have the fill the medication at their local pharmacy”. Was told by OptumRx Customer Service, and Pharmacists this is a OptumRX policy, NOT a FDA, or DEA policy.

This is a scam!!!!! I am 100% legally disabled. Do to my chronic pain, and etc. This should be some of discrimination against people with disabilities. Denying to fill a covered medication. This medication is SUPER hard to get in Florida.

What are the disabled people to do when they need their medication?

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Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #862836

I deal with Optumrx as a provider and as a patient. I cannot believe that it can take up to 16days to get a precert that a patient who is in pain , has to wait to get, is acceptable ?

As a patient, it took 20 minutes to find me in their system, despite me giving my dob exactly 5 times. Concerned for Optumrx....

..do they change their name when the going gets rough ?

to Anonymous Melbourne, Florida, United States #917205

The best Pain Relief possible is to avoid using their Mail Order, once I did that I no longer had a pain in the ***.

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