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OptumRx is useless. My doctor submitted a prescription electronically to OptumRx 15 days ago.

After 8 days of not receiving the Rx, I called OptumRx and got disconnected 4 times in a row. I then submitted an online query to OptumRx about the prescription and didn't get a reply. Two days later I called and got a representative that had me on the phone for (I kid you not) 1 hour to tell me they never received the prescription (how does that happen with an electronic order?) and would fax the doctor. After another 5 days, I called OptumRx back, only to find out they did not receive a reply from my doctor's office (which I don't believe for a minute).

I will be using the old fashioned brick an mortar pharmacy and paying the extra just so I don't have to deal with this incompetency.

Disgruntled Consumer

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My wife and I will not use optum Rx anymore after my metoprolol (extremely inexpensive with no copayment) got lost in shipment. I'm out of it and have been calling for the last 10 days to get replacement.

Different answer each time. Told me to call post office where nothing could be done without a tracking number. Called back and was given a number too short for a tracking number.

Still trying to get replacement pills while my blood pressure is going up (it is a blood pressure pill). I will pay a little more and will be using walgreens Shame on optum Rx!!

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