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Optum Rx blocked my pain medicine on the day I needed to fill it, this past Thursday. Ive been taking this medicine for years and now they want prior authorization.

I was in so much pain and withdrawal that I paid the $724 to get it, taking my chances that it would be approved and I would be reimbursed. Why it is $724 is another crime for discussion another day. My doctor scheduled a special appintment the following Wednsday (6 days later) so I could help them fill out the 5 page prior authorization questionaire.

I am worrying myself sick wondering if I am going to lose my job because I can't deal with the pain anymore. OptumRx is a greedy evil company that needs to be closed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Optumrx Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The extra scrutiny around the pain meds could be due to the national crisis of narcotics. I'm guessing you were on some sort of narcotic due to the withdrawals that you mentioned.

While you may be using the pills in an appropriate and designated manner, many people who get narcotics tend to abuse them. If every doctor and patient were responsible with them, we wouldn't have the crisis that we have today. {{Redacted}} would not be our #1 {{Redacted}} problem. But people take the pain pills recreationally, and then when supply runs out, they go to {{Redacted}} because it's also an opioid which provides similar pain masking benefits, and in many cases, is easier to get.

I am prescribed some "good" pain killers, so i know what you're going through trying to get them filled. But try to put yourself in the mindset of the company - they might also be trying to do their part in curbing the growing epidemic. Or they could have all gotten together in a conference room and collectively decided that it was going to help the profit margins by "killing" a lot of patients.

After all, why get recurring payments from a bunch of people when you could kill them and get nothing? Tough call, honestly - it could be either reason.


I am in your position right now also. We have been with OptumRx for the last 3 years with little issues, but I went to go fill my pain medication yesterday and they denied both, saying they needed Prior Authorization.

I’ve been calling the P/A line like every 2 hours, they keep telling me it’s under review. Prayers for you, I hope it gets better.

to Sam #1418784

Same here, pain medication was DENIED after prior authorization given by doctor. Have been on this dosage for years.

Customer service non-existent. Phone calls by myself and doctor are worthless to them. Going through horrible withdrawal right now, may need to go to the ER. Can't anyone do anything about OptumRx??

They will surely save NJ a ton of money by not filling prescriptions and killing patients. I hope the money savings for NJ is worth it.

to NJ #1429594

Same here, can’t get pain meds that I’ve been on for years. They refuse prior authorization until my doctor tries an antidepressant on me.

I’m not depressed, I’m in pain.

This scammy company has no business getting between me and my doctor. I am doing everything in my power to convince my employer (a big one) to drop these clowns.

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