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With Diabetes, my medications are life saving. Optum Rx has continuously denies my insulin, test strips, as well as other basic supplies.

The customer service people on numerous occasions have told me that a denial letter has been mailed to me as well as faxed to my Doctor. There are no letters to me, no faxes to my Dr either. Therefore, on many occasions ( 2 - 4 x a year ) my life sustaining medicine and supplies run out. They ask me to 'call my Doctor and ask them to follow through' I am not sure as a consumer that pays my health insurance premiums each month why it's me who must do this.

It's been a year or two that I have been dealing with the stress and drama of Optum Rx 's incompetence. Upon calling my provider UNITED HEALTHCARE in complaint everytime I endure the torture of being on the phone for hours upon hours that lead into days unfortunately there is still no resolve. My fast acting insulin 'Apidra' is only approved by mail order. The lack of intelligence here is - Insulin is a temperature controlled substance.

Several times throughout the year I send my insulin back .. because it's hot. The fact that ,ailing insulin is unacceptable to begin with is beyond me. Optum Rx?

Don't use this company if at all possible. If we ban together hopefully our insurance company providers will stop enabling Optum Rx to stay in business. Shut them down! Dealing with these people only causes stress which in return gives you a high blood sugar ( currently 389 after phonecall ) and takes forever to get stabilized.

Ban together people. Boycott Optum Rx!

Demand a gigher standard of care for our monthly healthcare premiums. Fight!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Tucson, Arizona, United States #1281957

Insulin is incredibly expensive. The decision on which insulin is covered and which is not is up to your plan.

Not Optum.

More importantly, does any local pharmacy send multiple faxes and letters on your behalf to insure your medications are correct? Maybe it's not your mail in pharmacy, maybe it's your *** attitude, a lack of knowledge, and a doctor that doesn't give a *** behind your back.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1134545

Uptime is terrible

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