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Watch out for #unitedhealthcare and #optumrx. Optum you are horrible.

Worse than horrible. My employer just changed to optum and I'm incredibly upset. I have rheumatoid arthritis. I have finally found the medicine that has changed my life.

Over the phone you send me to your "high touch" department (whatever that is) who tell me that it is going to cost me over $120 a month for this medicine. Know what's even more frustrating? You won't accept the discount card given to me BY the pharmaceutical company that will make this medicine affordable. You instead refer me to some other services that I can apply to for help.

Know who they serve? Those who are at or below the poverty level. I'm not below the poverty level. But do you realize that I already spend HUNDREDS of dollars a month on other medications I need, plus Dr visits.

So you are basically denying me the assistance that the pharmaceutical company will provide me and raping my wallet for your own profit. Does it feel good knowing you reduce your customers to tears on the phone..SOBBING for fear that they will have to go back to a life of daily pain and suffering? How do you sleep at night? Oh don't care about your customers.

You only care about the bottom line. It's all about the $$, so you sleep fine don't you?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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