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I thought our health care providers r supose to keep us healthy,ever since my job switched 2 umr,optum rx ive been so stressed out now the DEA or whom ever decide we need pre otherisation.I have ADD with hyper.They r denying to cover my mg.want 2 lower it.I ask who r they 2 decide what i need & what i dont need.I thought it is up 2 my Doctor?

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Thank u for your concerns.Im ok just fustrated with optum rx.928326# review.Nowvive been told by them I dont even need a pre authorization for name brand Adderall.It doesnt make any senses.why would i need preautheration for genaric & not for name brand Adderall.This company makes my head spin.I dont believe anything they tell me.I'll know for surecwhen i go to the pharmacy to fill my next script 4 Adderall.


I don't understand why Optum rx - UMR wouldn't cover 60mg.of Adderall, when they will cover 70mg of vayance.I had already been on 60mg.of Adderall for several months then they've denied me.I tried vyvanse it was a horrible experience & dangerous. UMR - Optum rx me want to quit my job because without my med.I have a lot of trouble living day to day.They are also taking me to the cleaners.I never get any stralight ansewer. I'm out over $700.00 dollars due to them giving me the run around & they still won't cover my meds.

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YEP ! Have no idea how to handle ADD or ADHD meds or any controlled substances for that matter.

My son was without his meds for 3 weeks! They kept putting the account on hold. Website Price for generic for Concerta is $454. Verbal quote was $599.

Got billed for $762. BAIT and SWITCH, and all of my other generic meds are covered, however this drug, according Optum RX must be BRAND which costs $830. It is "clinically proven" to be the best drug of choice in regards to Brand Vs. Generic.


What a scam. I plan on filing a claim with Ohio Department of Insurance.

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