Not a single script has been processed accurately by this company. I am now up to 18 different meds now, mainly because need multiples to do the same treatment a single pill used to do but wait, they don't cover that pill because too costly.

When is it that 5 drugs to do the same that 1 does, is a cost savings? If they could at least get 1 script right, without me having to call and speak to a manager 4-5 times to find out what the hold up is, it would be a miracle. My blister packs have been crushed twice, the medications nothing more than powder. Manager said instructions were to "pack in bubble wrap" - well I showed them what that looked like - wafer thin paper was all they did.

Manager pissed too but not much control over process either it seems.

Phone reps fielding calls are the worst - no knowledge about anything. The lies they spew to cover their clueless *** are top notch - put them on Fallon.

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