Optumrx will accept an prescriptions or respond to any question, or discuss any aspect of the sons account without his permission.

My 13 year child has authorize his father to discuss his medical condition.

He in no condition to talk to anybody on the phone.

We is only 13 years old.

Is this OptumRx policy or UHC policy?

Why are they so concern about the rights of a 13 year old boy?

Do they prefer him to die?

I will file a complaint on line

this is wrong

why do they do this

This is crazy

Well that's all folks

Monetary Loss: $100.

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OptumRX's policy is overly broad, not a HIPAA requirement, and is likely going to get themselves sued.

There are a few states (State of Washington for sure) that establish the health care age of consent at 13 for a VERY LIMITED number of conditions, procedures, treatments, etc. These include mental health and birth control, for example. Anyone who has dealt with OptumRX knows that they can't even get the simple things right, so it shouldn't be a surprise that rather than comply with this requirement in the limited number of states for these limited procedures, it has established a broad rule applicable to ALL states that they need the consent of minors 13 to 17 for ALL medications. Of course, for all other treatments, medications, etc., minors cannot consent and cannot enter into contracts. Talk about creating liability. Clearly, this organization needs new lawyers.

If you ask one of the poorly trained (but usually nice) OptumRX representatives about this requirement, they'll tell you that it's a HIPAA requirement. Wrong. HIPAA says nothing of the kind. Moreover, if it were a HIPAA requirement, you would see all healthcare companies with a similar rule as HIPAA is a Federal law of general applicability. You would run into this requirement filling a prescription at every pharmacy and taking your 14 year old to his pediatrician.

Fountain Valley, California, United States #687864

This requirement is based on Health Care Refrom requirements and decisions state by state on what the age of healthcare consent is. Some states are even younger than 13.

Kansas City, Kansas, United States #660578

Hello, I am a former employee of OptumRx and I just wanted to let you know we were told that is was a HIPAA requirement that we cannot give out any information on minors aged 12-17 without their consent. There was an amendment to the original notice in regards to what we could and could not say but I do not remember exactly what that said. I do believe it is ridiculous because as a parent myself if I call in for my minor child I would be beyond upset if I was not given information.

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