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All of a sudden after visiting rheumatologist Katy Setoodeh I began receiving bills from OptumRx for meds that were not ordered or approved by me. I NEVER before had any contact with OptumRx.

The rheumatologist had been trying to force Forteo on me and had called a "pharmacy" in Burbank I never heard of. The "pharmacy" (for all I know it is a call center) called and said it would be so easy --- they would mail it to me. After that another "pharmacy" I never heard of called me with same story. I declined.

After that I got a shipment of two meds from different doctors who I KNOW NEVER ORDERED for me.

One was for montelucast from a doctor I hadn't see in TWO YEARS. They are trying now to send a med that I KNOW was never ordered from them.

Reason of review: Charging for meds without my approval..

I didn't like: Mining drs pharmacies for my information, Biilling for unauthorized meds.

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