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Guys I have been forced to moved to OptumF***X instead of Walgreen. After paying all the money to insurance we should have our own choice to buy medicine from wherever.

Specially places like walgreen, walmart and CVS should be allowed. I am out of my Diabetes medication and in the loop of Optum didnt receive prescription and doctor office keep saying they sent it. Lets make a petition to Whitehouse so that we are allowed to buy our medication from wherever we want. And also for lifetime medication we should not have to visit doctor every year.

We should be allowed to buy Diabetes, Blood pressure, cholesterol medication rest of our life. may be every 2/3 years we should need to see doctor unless we feel bad. Whole healthcare industry is so profitable business, they dont care about people but money.

God bless.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #871718

You have a choice! Optum RX makes u believe that you have to go through them but when u call United Healthcare directly they tell you that you have the option. Call them back and cancel everything!

to JG #884069

I got a call from a rep, who stated that if I did not switch I would have to pay Full price for my prescriptions. First , I pay $4.00, for 2 of my prescriptions @ Sams, club(generic)Second, my third prescription is considered a 3rd Tier medication, I pay full price anyway. Now however with a Rx discount card from the Manufacture, my discount is more than the coverage I would receive from UHC/Optimun RX

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