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I agree!!! Please start a class action lawsuit and i will gladly be a part of it.

They are bull of greed and puts profit before patient's needs. PBM like Optum are unregulated and should be brought in front of Congress and answer their common corruption and greed practice going on daily basis. I am a health care provider and very discourage with PBM dictating how to practice Pharmacy and Medicine even though they do not have a valid license to practice Pharmacy or Medicine.

Please get the medical and pharmacy board involved. contact and report them for illegal practices

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Tempe, Arizona, United States #1185704

All of these pharmacy providers used by the largest health insurance companies are the same. It is clearly a vast criminal conspiracy, and because they are technically separate from the insurance companies, they are shielded from any regulations.

Search for customer reviews for Express-Scripts and you'll see the same thing. I have been suffering needlessly now for two weeks as a direct result of this company's incompetence and absolutely unconscionable business practices. They point to typographical errors as the reason to deny my claims and refuse to provide me with a denial letter so I can apply for assistance from the drug manufacturer. I am forced to buy a bottle of 30 pills for $600 tomorrow, and have accumulated significant credit card debt as a result of similar nonsense by Optum and Express Scripts.

They find any excuse not to pay and then stonewall you for a year or two while you fight to get reimbursed. Then when enough time goes by, they say the claim is too old to process. A class action suit is long overdue - I would sign up this second. I have caught them in countless lies and it is just very clear that their policies are designed to wear you down and rip you off.

They knowingly take advantage of sick people, and it is beyond disgusting. There is a special place in *** for the people involved in this company and those like it.

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