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The first f-up by optum was when they became United Healthcare online pharmacy. My doctor submitted my prescriptions on a Friday and Optum took over on the following Monday.

They transferred all information but the new prescriptions. Due to the type of med, I my Dr must submit new prescription every 3 months. I work at a secure location and am unable to contact Optum during regular business hours and they are unavailable during any other hours. I left a message for them the first time and never heard anything from them I explained that I could not speak on the phone and asked them to text, email me or call after regular hours.

Not one word. After not getting my prescription and finally having a day off, I called them. It then had to set up a conference call with Optum and my doctor to prove, beyond doubt, that Optum didn't get the prescriptions previously sent in to Medco and that I would not be receiving double amounts of medication. I had my regular quarterly check in with the doctor and he sent in my prescriptions once again.

i went online and called, as I had another day off, and requested Optum to hold off for one week on filling the prescriptions as I didn't have enough money available until payday, the following friday. They said they documented it and I should see no problems. They lied! They attempted to charge my credit card the next day and guess what, it was declined.

I again, received no phone calls, emails, text messages....nothing. I then received a letter, the following week, from Optum stating they had made multiple attempts to contact me....LIE... and were unable so they had to send a letter. It was actually a bill for the amount that didn't clear the card previously.

It stated that I had to submit payment via check or money order which I did immediately. Then, when the check cleared, so did the credit card charge for the same amount. I contact Optum and explained they were wrong and they stated nothing could be done. I then had the bank deny the charge so I didn't over pay.

Now let's go to strike number 3. Again, 3 months later, I went to see my doctor and he sent in the prescriptions. I went online and confirmed all were in and saw they were attempting to state the cost for the one pill I desperately need was now approx. 1,500.00 and not covered due to needing additional authorization from the doctor.

Apparently they needed the doctor to call in authorization for me to be prescribed this drug as I am not taking the standard dosage, I am taking a higher dose than most. They stated they contacted the doctor, which was again.....a i proceeded to call the doctor's office asking them to authorize it and told them that Optum said the authorization will be good for one year. The doctor's office did and I still didn't get my prescriptions. I went online again and saw they showed no record of receiving the one prescription but showed all other prescriptions received.

I know the doctor put this one on the same script as the others so.... another LIE! I called Optum and spoke to someone who....LIED...and said they never recieved the prescription. As I said before, I saw it on there records a couple of weeks prior which I completely forgot.

I then proceeded to contact my doctor's office and left a rather abrupt message due to them being out to lunch....literally. I didn't receive a call back until the next Monday and the doctor asked me to come in and get samples and they will be sure to resubmit the prescription. Which I watched them do.

I went online after a couple of days, to be sure to give Optum time, and they still didn't show receiving the prescriptions. I left a rather nasty message in their suggestion box as they

Monetary Loss: $150.

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