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We use Optum RX through United Healthcare. We can use either the mail order or a local pharmacy.

Like all women in the US with health insurance, the affordable care act guarantees me contraceptive coverage with no copay. In Feb. I refilled my Rx, and the pharmacy charged me the full retail price of the med saying it wasn't covered by my health insurance. Four phone calls later (with the last one involving the customer service agent making fun of me), I applied to be reimbursed for the full amount.

Claim denied, they claim that they sent the money (which they agreed that they owed) to my pharmacy (does that make any sense?) so I should get it back from them. No advice on how to get money back from a pharmacy when I have sent my receipt with the claims paperwork AT THEIR INSTRUCTION. Next month, I was charged a copay for the TX, (I'm not supposed to pay a copay for this Rx). Made a claim for that amount - denied - they feel that $15 is less than or equal to my copay.

No, my copay on that RX is $0, 15 is not less than $0.

THEY ARE JUST SO ***. Infuriating.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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Dover, New Jersey, United States #803007

Must be nice to get your birth control for free.....while I have to pay 60.00 copay for my heart medication, to keep me alive

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