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This so called Pharmacy has gotten 1 of my scripts wrong, refuses to admit it, refuses to take care of situation, even after dr has cld several times with info, they still fill med wrong & then I run out of meds, have to pay full amounts at local pharm if I can even get them filled since optum filled for 3 months. They Never get back with you if you leave messages on the website, when you speak with their SO CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE ON PHONE, THEY ARE SO RUDE, GIVE WRONG INFO, BACK TRACK THEIR WORDS, flat out LIE TO YOU!

I have asked for 8 days for someone to please contact me regarding a problem a see on their website regarding my medication, NO ONE HAS CALLED ME, I have left messages on their website for 8 days with all details - I finally received a reply on 7th day stating please resubmit your question as we don't have your information on these meds!! ITS ALL ON THEIR WEBSITE, I PROVIDED THE INFO IN MESSAGES, So again I have resubmitted info. This Place is a Out and Out JOKE! I am without certain meds because they have LOST my Scripts & these scripts are for Pain Medications, first they say Never received even though I have proof, submitted Proof they received, then now they state ok we received but scripts weren't in envelope, LIE, it states on their website Received.

I cannot Understand Why United HealthCare or any Insurance Company would Use this Company as a Pharmacy, something is Seriously Wrong with this Company.

I would suggest anyone using this pharmacy to file complaint, however I have filed 3 complaints against this company and now they have lost my pain meds, I believe they have done this in retaliation against me. United HealthCare PLEASE get another Mail Order Pharmacy, One that is HONEST, One that is a Real Pharmacy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Incompetent employees, Bureaucracy, Lies, Unprofessional.

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I feel yer pain hoss, I feel yer pain! What an absolute shitshow this company is.

I'm glad that they hire the braindead & lobotomized, as they deserve to work too, but having to repeat the spelling of your 5 lettered name (4 lettered last name) 3 times & they still get it wrong but sensing that they were doing so & asking "are you spelling it with a T or a K, as it's supposed to be a K, dear?" & then because they can't tell me which cyclosporine generic they use (it's either A or B & there is a BIG difference), you're passed on to the next drone with a flat affect & robotic emotions & basically having them make the same mistake drone #1 made; I hung up on them! Let me tell you folks out there that have insurance through the VA, Medicare & Medicaid (possibly others); if you have a good, local pharmacy that you use & want to stay with them, have your Dr's office work with them & bypass the shitshow of OptumRx & other mail order pharmacies. Seriously, I'd been told every year that "I MUST use the mail order pharmacy" & every year I IGNORED this directive & get my meds. My poor nurse didn't realize my fox-like cunning & tried to do things with OptumRx & I figured, maybe they won't be so bad, let me try.

Welp; screw it! I am glad I hung up on drone #2 & called my nurse & pharmacy because I will continue to get my brand name medication (not the mystery cyclosporine OptumRx wants to send me) & my insurance IS paying for it. Why waste money on medications we know will not work & not be assured we will have it on time? Seriously folks; where there's a will, there's a way & when it comes to dealing with careless companies, just say NO!

Good luck fellow citizens. I also want everyone who has to use this place because they are insured through the VA/Medicare/Medicaid to keep a diary, or even record your calls & WRITE OR CALL YOUR POLITICIANS!!! We do not want to waste taxpayer $$$ on a business that got the contract to fill medications because they gave a low quote, yet couldn't care less about their patients/customers. If we all band together & point out the waste, abuse/ignorance & having our health & lives put in jeopardy; the clowns we voted into political offices WILL have to listen & take steps to rectify the problems.

Many politicians & rich folks invest in these health insurance companies & if you point out how they are losing money; they will opt on the best way to keep their pockets filled.


That is because OptumRx is part of United Healthcare. I worked at their call center in Niles OH (Alorica).

OptumRx applies the full retail cost + the customer copay to their benefit accumulator which puts the customer in the "donut hole" faster than they should be so they have to pay 100%. If there are multiple meds, then the most expense is put thru first so customer is in "donut hole" and all meds cost 100%.

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